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Rock'n'roll band formed in 1993.  Members have changed over the years, but in 2011 they consisted of Ansell (vocals, guitar), James Compton (guitar), John Standen (bass) and Paul Atkinson (drums).

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Paul Ansell / Maibell & Misfires: Lock Up Your Wife - Killing Love...

Single (7 Inch) on EL TORO RECORDS by Paul Ansell /...

$9.95 *

Paul Ansell: With Number Nine And The Blue...

(Ruby Records) 2-Track Single - 45 rpm with picture...

$15.15 *

Paul Ansell: Love Conquers All - The...

(2008/VICEROY) 16 tracks - Orinally sealed copy!

$35.04 *

Paul Ansell's Number Nine: Money And Lies (2011)

(2011/SOLD MY SOUL) 19 tracks

$18.66 *

Paul Ansell's Number Nine: A Date With Paul Ansell's No.9 (CD)

(I SOLD MY SOUL) 17 tracks - since a long time the first...

$18.66 *

Paul Ansell: Paul Ansell's No. 9 Xmas EP

(2014/Rayn Records) 6 tracks

$13.98 *