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English blues group with a constantly changing line-up. Savoy Brown was founded in 1967 by guitarist and singer Kim Simmonds, guitarist Mike Stone, bassist Ray Chappell, singer Brice Portius and drummer Leo Mannings. The only one who never left the group and led them across all the cliffs and kept trying to move on with new people was Kim Simmonds.

In 1967 the first LP "Shake Down' was released. In 1969 the group tried to bring a fuller sound with horns and from 1970 they turned more to rock. The group became particularly well known in America. There they are considered one of the best blues groups in the world. Kim Simmonds (born 6.12.1947 in Newport) are almost unknown in their English homeland.two-year-old singer Chris Youlden joined the group and made a good name for himself during this time. Former chicken shack boss Stan Webb played for six months with Savoy Brown (1974). He was one of about 50 musicians who appeared in this band until autumn 1975 and disappeared again.

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Savoy Brown: Witchy Fellin' (CD)

(2017/Ruf) 11 tracks - the newest album

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Savoy Brown: Songs From The Road (CD&DVD)

(2012 'Ruf Records') (75:35/12)

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Savoy Brown: Shake Down

(2015/Culture Factory) 11 tracks. High definition...

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Savoy Brown: You Should Have Been There -...

(Panache Records) 6 Tracks (59:19) - Digisleeve - ...

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Savoy Brown: Hellbound Train (CD)

(2012/Secret Records) 8 Tracks (63:00) - Live recordings...

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Savoy Brown: Kim Simmonds And Savoy Brown -...

(2015/Panache) 10 tracks, digisleeve - Recorded at the...

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Savoy Brown: Live And Kickin'

(1990 'GNP Crescendo') (74:27/11) 'Recorded live at...

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Savoy Brown: Boogie Brothers - Wire Fire (2-CD)

(1974/75 'Decca') (80:30/17). Two original LPs...

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Savoy Brown: Street Corner Talking - Hell...

Two original LPs on one CD.

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Savoy Brown: Voodoo Moon

Kim Simmonds founded Savoy Brown in the mid-60s. They...

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Savoy Brown: Blue Matter

(2013/Back To Black) 8 tracks. Decca 19658. 180 g vinyl.

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Savoy Brown: Witchy Feelin' (LP, 180g Vinyl)

(Ruf Records) 10 Tracks - Dark, stormy and devilish -...

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Savoy Brown: Train To Nowhere (2-CD)

Radio concerts. The recording quality is okay. KIM...

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