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France Gall: Tout Pour La Musique (CD)
Art-Nr.: CD421552

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(1981/WEA) 9 tracks

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France Gall: Les Annees Musique 1975-87 (CD)
Art-Nr.: CDWEA71109

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(1990/WEA) 18 tracks (69:45)

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France Gall: En Allemand - Das Beste In Deutsch (CD)
Art-Nr.: CDTEL21604

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(1998/TELEFUNKEN) 20 Titel 1968-71

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France Gall: Poupe de Son (CD)
Art-Nr.: CD849296

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France Gall: Gall, France Best Of Live (4-CD Digipac 14x19cm)
Art-Nr.: CD542372

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(2012/WARNER FRANCE) 61 titres 1978-1997 Dimensions: L14 booklet.Palais la page des sports, Tour de France, Bercy et plus encore.

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