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Omar & The Howlers: Big Town Playboy
Art-Nr.: CDBGM1407

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(2014/Blue Guitar Music) 12 tracks. Originally released in 2009.

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Omar & The Howlers: Zoltar's Walk (CD)
Art-Nr.: CDBGM1701

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(2017/Big Guitar Music) 11 tracks The Mississippi Hoo Doo Man returns with the release you've been waiting for! Zoltar's Walk is played by the trio of Howlers in a collection of 11 original songs that possess the magic of Omar's early career. Prepare to be...

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Omar & The Howlers: Live At The Opera House
Art-Nr.: CDBGR1501

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(2015/Big Guitar Music) 11 tracks. Limited live archive release from the American blues rockers. This is Omar and the Howlers recorded live at the (now shuttered) Opera House in Austin on August 30, 1987. Omar Kent Dykes and the classic Howlers lineup from the Hard...

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Omar & The Howlers: Muddy Springs Road
Art-Nr.: CDRUF1105

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(1993 'Watermelon') (41:23/11) Eins seiner abwechslungsreichsten und intelligentesten Album / One of his most diverse-in-style and intelligent releases. OMAR DYKES - gtr/voc, GARY PRIMICH - hca, NICK CONOLLY - pno/org, BRADLEY KOPP - acoustic gtr, GERRY FELTON...

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Omar & The Howlers: Live At Paradiso
Art-Nr.: CDPRD70352

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(1991 'Provogue') (63:50/14) Recorded live at the famous 'Paradiso' in Holland, Omar Dykes in great shape, backed by: BRUCE JONES - bass, GENE BRANDON - drums.

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Omar & The Howlers: I'm Gone
Art-Nr.: CDBGM1201

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(2012 'private label') (43:04/12) In seiner Heimatstadt Austin in Texas aufgenommenes Album. Fünfzig Jahre zuvor hatte Omar begonnen, Gitarre zu spielen; seit 39 Jahren reist er als Profi durch die Welt. Rocker, Shuffles, Balladen, Boogies und gar ein...

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Omar & The Howlers: World Wide Open (CD)
Art-Nr.: CDXWM1053

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(1995 'Provogue') (45:20/12)

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Omar & The Howlers: Too Much Is Not Enough
Art-Nr.: CDBGM1202

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(??? 'Big Guitar Music') (38:15/12) "Yes, I know, Iknow I have already released a tribute to Jimmy Reed. ... 'On The Jimmy Reed Highway' was a joy to record with Jimmy Vaughan ... 'Too Much Is Not Enough' is a completely different approach to Jimmy Reed that was...

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