Dave Colman

Born on 29 9, 1944 in Bristol, England. Came 1963 English band Casey Jones & The Engineers, where he replaced a departing lead guitarist named Eric Clapton. The beat boom brought the quintet in 1964 after Germany. Two singles ('Tall Girl' and a first version of 'Do not Ha Ha') remained dead stock on Bellaphon. With a new record deal with Golden 12 label and the group name in Casey Jones & The Governors was changed. A slightly varied re-recording of 'Do not Ha Ha' came in at number 2 on the German charts, five more titles achieved by October 1966, the top 40, then the air was out. Jones hoped in vain for a lucrative solo career, Dave Colman made ​​with the rest of governors Roger Hook, Jim Redford and Peter Richards and the new signing Phil Cantlay under the name Gaslight Union further (three unsuccessful singles for Columbia). Then Colman was on the active professional music and came in under WDR radio in Cologne. Here he quickly became one of the most popular DJs ('Radiothek', "Country & Western currently ',' free ride into the weekend '). His most listened show was the 'Dave Colman Show', the celebrated ten-year anniversary in 1979. Colman: "Unfortunately, the collaboration was 31 3rd 1997 after 28 years at the WDR unattractive to end. Since then I have developed a course and written a musical, but whose title I do not want to reveal. 'These courses are published on Bassline Records, Cologne. When Dave Coleman took the artist 1970 the English single "Goodbye Casanova 'on (Vogue DV 11033) - quite possible, however, that this is one of the many typographical errors, for which the label was notorious for its products. From the Bear Family Book - 1000 pinpricks of Bernd Matheja - BFB10025 -