Eddie Wilson

born 1936 Record Labels: Starday, Faith, Ariola, Bear Family First hit: Thank you, you go, Goodbye (1961) Armin Edgar Schaible aka Eddie Wilson grew up in Ludwigsburg, learned by the AFN radio programs, the Country Music know and love . He learned to play guitar and spoke BEZW. soon sang a knotless American. He was lead singer of the Stuttgart Wagon Masters, which occurred every Wednesday afternoon live in the AFN broadcast Hillbilly Gasthaus and he was there in 1960 when the first public concert of the Ole Hillbilly Drifters in Basel. Through the initiative of Martin Haerle Schaible had moved to the USA in 1960, became a sideman with Starday Records in Nashville, where he had recorded his songs, which were quite popular in the West in part. End of 60erJahre Eddie Wilson has retired from the music business and now lives in Texas. "