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Various - Hultsfreed Hayride - Rockabilly Weekender Hultsfreed Hayride - Rockabilly Weekender

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1-CD Digipak (4-plated) with 36-page booklet, 21 tracks. Playing time 55:48. Hultsfreed Hayride... more

Various - Hultsfreed Hayride - Rockabilly Weekender: Hultsfreed Hayride - Rockabilly Weekender

1-CD Digipak (4-plated) with 36-page booklet, 21 tracks. Playing time 55:48.

Hultsfreed Hayride is without doubt the coolest rockabilly festival in Sweden (and probably also the coolest in whole Scandinavia). The atmosphere is simply unbeatable. Since 2002 rockabilly freaks from all over Europe have gathered deep in the Swedish woods for a weekend of the finest in music, dancing, cars and endless summer night fun. V8 engines roar while the world's most exciting rockabilly acts blast out their rocking beats. There are Tiki bars all over the place and the scent of hair pomade weighs thick in the air. Real cool cats and hot boppin' girls wearing petticoats are dancing frenetically to wild, savage 45s spun by top DJs. Even the local Swedish moose are having a total rockabilly ball during the Hultsfreed Hayride festival which will be celebrating its 10th anniversary in 2012. ,

Bear Family is the proud sponsor of the event, and what better way to celebrate than to release an anthology with some of the hottest acts that have appeared on the festival over the years. Included are the endlessly brilliant Fatboy, the truly uplifting British sounds of The Caezars, frantic surf music generated by The Barbwires and much more. Book your rockabilly holiday in Sweden now... ,

The Bands

1 The Pipelines ,
These five raging juveniles started their reverb-drenched carreer in the late nineties and  ,soon were one of the most popular instrumental combos in Sweden at that time. They released three 7" vinyl EPs on Pendelton Records, of which Surf Riot was the first one. The band split up in 2005.

2 The Flying Phantom &, His Flaming Stars ,
Flying Phantom and his Flaming Stars started 1995 in Linköping when The Flying Phantom was sitting by his kitchen table strummin’ on his homemade guitar. His girlfriend took to drumming and his inmate, Scotty Flamingo, was forced to play guitar. The girlfriend ran off but the inmate stayed... In 2002 Boppin’ Pete Sweden stepped in on drums and has been with the band ever since. Worth mentioning also are Harry Hagström (accordion), Hillbilly Mike (washboard) and Gordon Heart on steel. The band split up in 2008.

3 Fatboy ,
In Fatboy's world, there isn’t a distinction between the past and the present – their second album “In My Bones” was nominated as “Best Group Of The Year” at the Swedish Grammy Awards, and on ‘Overdrive’, their latest album, Fatboy continues to experiment &, push their way ahead. Built on their love for rockabilly, 50s rock and country, Fatboy goes wherever their songs may take them – influenced by jazz, Balkan beat or whatever.

4 The Domestic Bumblebees (S) ,
The Domestic Bumblebees is a 50s style Blues/rock’n’roll trio from Stockholm, Sweden, well known for their explosive, collar-soaking shows and diabolic instrumental skills. The band was formed at a small club called “Jumpin’ The Cellar” in 2004. It was supposed to be one gig only but the audience went crazy and the guys had so much fun that they decided to keep on buzzin’!

5 Lil'Linn &, The Lookout Boys ,
This Stockholm-based band was formed when seven friends got together a few years ago to explore their interest in 50s western style music. With one album, "Sharp Shooting Gal" released on Enviken Records, and gigs across the continent they've ended up making quite a name for themselves – especially among the hillbilly boppin' crowd. ,

6 Danny &, The Cappers ,
Danny &, The Cappers is a genuine Rhythm &, Blues band from Stockholm formed in 2002 by members from The Young Guns, The Pipelines and Johnny Blue Orchestra. They got their inspiration from 40s and 50s black music, for example B.B. King, Gatemouth Brown, Wynonie Harris, to name a few. Danny &, The Cappers were the foundation to what later on would become The Domestic Bumblebees.

7 Omar Romero
Omar Romero is one of the hottest acts on the rockabilly scene. He's the bandleader of Omar &, The Stringpoppers but at the Hultsfreed Hayride gig he was backed by Swedish combo The Domestic Bumblebees. It was a crazy night. ,
8 The Barbwires (S) ,
When you take a look at The Barbwires’ friends list on their MySpace site, you’ll find names such as Link Wray, Dick Dale, Eddie Angel and The Surfites – we are obviously not talking about just another surf band here. We are talking about THE surf band. You cannot be certain of what you get when you go to a Barbwires show. One time it's just the band on stage – Mike Barbwire, Kalle Fornia and J.R., the next time there’s a bunch of hula girls dancing in front of you, and there might even be an eight-piece orchestra backing band. But you can always be sure to get wild, twanging guitars and the feeling that you're on Waikiki beach

9 The Bonneville Barons (UK) ,
Somewhere in between a circus side-show and a pair of travelling snake-oil salesmen, The Bonneville Barons are the hot string duo of Yann Mahdjoub (string bass, vocals) and Chris Wilkinson (guitar, vocals). After cutting his teeth with wild rockabilly band The Tawny Owls in his native France, Ramblin' Yann relocated to the UK in 2002 where he received a call from 23-year-old Marvel comics devotee Chris Wilkinson. The boys were writing and rehearsing their own original material when they came to the attention of Western Star supremo Alan Wilson, who swiftly signed them to Western Star Records.

10 The Dragtones (US/S)
Insane. That's what you'll become if you don't get your daily shot of The Dragtones. This fieve-piece combo with members from highly respected and well-known acts like The Hives, The Hi-Winders, Luis &, The Wildfires and The Barbwires made their very first gig at Hultsfreed Hayride vs. Live &, Jive in Hultsfred in 2009. The impact was total! The audience screamed for more, the record buyers screamed for more and the promoters screamed for more! After the release of their first single (Drag, Drag) You're Going Too Fast and the album ‘Drag!’ on Wild Records plus touring across Europe a couple of times everybody still screams for more! ,

11 Los Plantronics ,
Mariachi Death Surf from Noruega! - a stunning blend of electrified swamp-R&,B, garage-soul-boogaloo, rockabilly, mariachi madness, Stax instrumentals, blaxploitation sounds, surf guitars and spaghetti tunes, it features some x-tra ordinary contributions from Bendik Braenne’s celebrated horn section, space-surf guitars from guitar virtuoso Eivind Staxrud, animalistic voodoo groove from Slim Slammer, low bass-frequences from Lars Erik Larsen (which hits you where it hurts) and primal fuzz-tones from guitar slinger and head honcho, Signor Havn. B

12 Billie &, The Kids (CRO) ,
Billie &, The Kids started in 2009 and immediately became recognizable as one of the very few rhythm &, blues combos that capture a true vintage sound and style. They’ve already played many shows and festivals around Europe, and had their first album out in 2010.  , ,

13 Five Finger Discount (S) ,
Punk is not a style of music, it's an attitude. When rock 'n' roll was young it was rebellious – and that's something that Five Finger Discount from Vetlanda has picked up on. ,
With their roots in blues trio Malted Milk, Josef Steinvall and Linus Sollin stepped away from the blues as a duo and set their sights on rock 'n' roll and rhythm &, blues. ,
With successful gigs at both blues establishments and punk rock venues, Five Finger Discount (the name neatly stolen from a Simpsons episode) has become a very potent live band.

14 The Camtwisters (S)
"No finesse, no polish, no nonsense. Period.” This is incorrect rockabilly at its finest.The Camtwisters are: Metz, Jeppsson, Fridlund, Dahl.

15 Lil'Camille &, The Rattletones (S) ,
When the snow began to melt in early 2008 Lil' Camille &, The Rattletones were born – a new swedish rockabilly trio. The success at home was great from the start, and since then they’ve been expanding with one person per year, and you can’t help but wonder - how will this end ...? They've had their international breakthrough with shows at Rockabilly Rave and High Rockabilly, and they are, of course, Hultsfreed Hayride's houseband.

16 The Caezars (UK) ,
"Vintage styled Surf-Rock &, Rock'n'1 The Pipelines ,
These five raging juveniles started their reverb-drenched carreer in the late nineties and  ,soon were one of the most popular instrumental combos in Sweden at that time. They released three 7" vinyl EPs on Pendelton Records, of which Surf Riot was the first one. The band split up in 2005.

17 Pat McGinnis &, His Three Stars ,
A few years ago a bunch of cowboys ended up playing at an old barndance and decided to start a band. This is how they sound now! Enjoy!! ,

19 Spo-Dee-O-Dee (GER) ,
They’ve been around the European Cat Circuit for a while now, and played all over the planet.Tail, On the Hill and Rhythm Bomb recording artists, they always lay down a wild 50s rockin sound – from boogie to bop, all Killer,no filler.

20 Cherry Tess &, Her Rhythm Sparks (S) ,
With their two albums ‘It Doesn't Matter’ (2009) and ‘Roc-a-chicka’ (2010), Cherry Tess &, Her Rhythm Sparks are one of Sweden's hardest working acts with shows almost every weekend. ,

21 The Mobsmen (N)
Even if it's almost 46 years since surf music reached it's peak in the California summer of 1963 there are still a few bands in the world that keep the faith and the sound alive – The Mobsmen are definitely one of them! So put your toes on the nose and hold on tight since there's going to be romp, riot and rampage as the thundering sounds of The Mobsmen make you vibrate and wipe out! ,

Video von Various - Hultsfreed Hayride - Rockabilly Weekender - Hultsfreed Hayride - Rockabilly Weekender

Article properties: Various - Hultsfreed Hayride - Rockabilly Weekender: Hultsfreed Hayride - Rockabilly Weekender

Hultsfreed Hayride - Rockabilly Weekender - Hultsfreed Hayride - Rockabilly Weekender CD 1
01 Surf Riot Pipelines, The
02 Love Is Cruel Flying Phantom, The & His Flam
03 This Tear Will Never Leave My Eye Fatboy
04 Ain't It A Shame Domestic Bumblebee, The
05 All I See In You Lil' Linn & The Lookout Boys
06 You Better Believe It Danny & The Cappers
07 I'm Gone Romero, Omar
08 La Caja Del Muerto Barbwires, The
09 Family Tree Rag Bonneville Barons, The
10 Insane Dragstones, The
11 Bobby Peru Los Plantronics
12 Them There Eyes Billie & The Kids
13 Gotta Gimme Whatcha Got Five Finger Discount
14 Racing Down The Road Camtwisters, The
15 Let Me Know Lil' Camille & The Rattletones
16 Heartache Overload Caezars, The
17 Preview Of The Blues McGinnis, Pat & His Three Star
18 Gotta Go Carl & The Rhythm All Stars
19 Hey Little Baby Doll Spo-Dee-O-Dee
20 Roc-A-Chicka Tess, Cherry & Her Rhythm Spar
21 Tandelborstel Twist Morsmen, The
Hultsfreed Hayride - Rockabilly Weekender The start of the 21st century was a hell of a time!... more
"Various - Hultsfreed Hayride - Rockabilly Weekender"

Hultsfreed Hayride - Rockabilly Weekender

The start of the 21st century was a hell of a time!
Jonas Bjälesjö and I traveled across the country in my 51’ Cadillac trying to see as many rockabilly shows as we could. The main thing every summer was Live & Jive, Forssen’s stunning event in Ökna! There was nothing better!

In the fall of 2001 we were sitting in Jonas’ apartment (we sat around there quite a lot that fall), playing records, drinking tiki drinks, smoking and talking shit.
Late one night, after several drinks and smokes, I said:
– What the hell, why not make our own rockabilly thing here in Hultsfred?
Jonas caught on right away:
– Of course! Let's do it!

Back then, Live & Jive always took place on the Saturday after Midsummer, which is a traditional Swedish holiday with the aim to be as drunk as possible, so we put the first Hultsfreed Hayride that same weekend except on Friday. We had an awesome line-up already this first year: Huelyn Duvall (U.S.), who incidentally was in Ökna the day after, The Orbitunes with Gustav on saxophone and Micke on guitar, the madman Phantom with Flying Phantom & His Flaming Stars, the youngsters The Pipelines with Tobbe Einestad on trumpet and theremin, and The Hollywoods, who nobody knew what they looked like because they always played in masks.
And the Hot Rock Ranch deejayed!
This was in Hultsfred Folkets Park and the year was 2002.

In 2003 we had as good a line-up again, also in Folkets Park: Riley McOwen & The Sleazy Rustic Boys, The Barbwires, The Flying Phantom & His Flaming Stars came back, and we also booked Fatboy who played one of their first gigs there – it was in our Hillbilly bar and it was Micke Lindevall from the legenday Stockholm club Hot Rock Ranch who told me about Fatboy. Thanks Micke!
Hot Rock Ranch played records again this year.

In 2004 we weren’t planning on doing another Hultsfreed Hayride but the locals had started getting used to it and nagged at us so we did a DJ night in Folkets Park. Jonas and I stood behind the turntables and we played so damn loud it was heard all over Hultsfred. We had had a number of alcoholic beverages so we thought the volume level was pretty comfortable. (I know we made a poster in 2004, but I haven’t found it in my computer).

In 2005, we got back into it again and booked two bands: The Orbitunes and a band called Little Alfie & The Dices. Vigilante Carlstroem, Mike Barbwire and Reverend Billy Hill played records.

In 2006 we didn’t do a Hultsfreed Hayride at all. I think it was because it had basically rained during every Hayride so far and we were sick of walking around in the mud down in Folkets Park.

In 2007 I was at it again! Jonas had dropped out to focus on his research and the presidency of the Swedish Rock Archive. I took over and moved Hayride to the Metropol restaurant. There we could do concerts both indoors and outdoors so the weather wasn’t as much of an issue. Of course it rained like hell, or as Jungle Jim said: typical Hayride-weather, but at least we were indoors. On stage were The Hi-Winders, Miss Ruby Ann (POR), The Domestic Bumblebees, and audience favorites (at least among the male part of the audience) Knicker Kittens Burlesque Revue. This was the year that Hayride began to take on the shape it has today. Metropol was a fantastic place; you didn’t need to bring a single thing for decoration, everything was already in place. In the DJ booth stood Swingin' Sue & Lil' Linn, Jungle Jim for the first time, Hollywood Hank (Forssen) and Reverend Billy Hill (Jonas).

2008 was the second year at Metropol. Italian Dale Rocka & The Volcanos and Jackie & His Loaders were quickly booked along with Danny & The Cappers and Lil' Linn & the Lookout Boys. The icing on the cake came with the newly formed band Lil' Camille & The Rattletones right out of Hultsfred, and of course they got a slot at the Hultsfreed Hayride. I remember how happy I was that there was finally a local rockabilly band in Hultsfred. I mean, Hultsfred had a population of less than 5000 people at that time. They have been Hultsfreed Hayride’s house band ever since, and in 2011 they played both Rockabilly Rave and High Rockabilly. The Rocket Room Crew played records together with MissBehavin' and Reverend Billy Hill.

2009 was the first year that Hayride was a two-day event. Forssen and I joined forces and did an event we called Live & Jive vs. Hultsfreed Hayride. We booked Wild Records acts Omar Romero and newly formed The Dragtones, with members from Luis & Wildfires, The Hives and The Hi-Winders, who did their first gig ever. Los Plantronics were here with their Mariachi Death Surf and The Bonneville Barons from the UK. The Swedish acts of 2009 were The Barbwires, The Domestic Bumblebees, The Rock-a-bops, and of course Lil’ Camille & The Rattletones. DJs were Reverend Billy Hill, Jungle Jim, Vigilante Carlstroem, Signor Havn (N) and Soulmilla (N).

Doing two days was such a success that it was a no-brainer for 2010. I had found the Croatian band Billie & The Kids already in the fall; I thought they were fantastic and definitely wanted to book them right away. It was a fucking hassle to get them here: flying in eight people from Zagreb cost about one billion, so it was impossible. They had to drive from Zagreb to Vienna and fly low fare airlines from there to Copenhagen. We did a mini tour with them in Sweden, with concerts in Växjö and Malmö. It was worth all the extra work as they did an incredible gig. Other bands in 2010 were Ella & The Obsidians, which were basically the old Los Raw Meat with Ella on vocals, The Caezars (UK), Wildfire Willie & The Ramblers, The Go-Getters, bluespunks Five Finger Discount from Vetlanda – who played the shit out of everyone on the patio during the day – The Camtwisters, and our house band Lil’ Camille & The Rattletones.
DJs this year were Jungle Jim, Boppin' Sonny (Den) Hillbilly Heartthrob and Reverend Billy Hill.

In 2011 we continued with two days and we had more foreign bands than Swedish ones. Carl & The Rhythm All Stars (F), Jessie & The Orbits (UK), Spo-Dee-O-Dee (GER), The Mobsmen (N), Torqueflite (N), Cherry Tess & Her Rhythm Sparks, Honeyboy Slim & The Bad Habits, The Praline Sisters and Lil’ Camille & The Rattletones. It was the first year with an official car show as the Radicals Car Club along with Robban from Knights Car Club/WCCC made a Custom/Hot Rod/Bike Show. Instant success! Torqueflite did an already legendary concert on the lawn in shorts and helmets. Rock 'n' Roll at its best!
Behind the turntables were a whole lot of DJs as Jungle Jim's Dee-Jay-O-Rama took over the DJ booths: Jungle Jim, Little Carl (UK), Greasy Greg, Josefin from Enviken, Little Mae, Loco Angel, Juke Joint Julia, Reverend Billy Hill and Nico Feuerbach from Bear Family Records.

Nisse Johansson
Promoter Hultsfreed Hayride

Hultsfreed Hayride
This is a great weekender with loads of potential.
It's all about great music, both live and by DJs, and having a fun party in a relaxed atmosphere.
The location in the Swedish countryside might be slightly tricky if you have to travel but the journey is well worth it – it's a nice little village and beautiful scenery.
So don't wait, get your vacation and join us for a great party!

DJ Jungle Jim

Review 4
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Customer evaluation for "Hultsfreed Hayride - Rockabilly Weekender"
11 Mar 2019


A little bit of something for everyone. Fast paced rockabilly stompers, crooners, surf jobs, and even some that are slow or punk like Cramps tunes. Made me go check out a lot of the bands sites for more.

5 Jul 2018

sehr gut

für jeden Geschmack ist was dabei
eigentlich ein Hochpreisprodukt cool

28 May 2014


13 Mar 2014

his is a strong collection, complimented by a classy, forty-page illustrated booklet.
Now Dig This 5/12 Harry Dodds

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Hultsfreed Hayride - Rockabilly Weekender - Hultsfreed Hayride - Rockabilly Weekender CD 1
01 Surf Riot
02 Love Is Cruel
03 This Tear Will Never Leave My Eye
04 Ain't It A Shame
05 All I See In You
06 You Better Believe It
07 I'm Gone
08 La Caja Del Muerto
09 Family Tree Rag
10 Insane
11 Bobby Peru
12 Them There Eyes
13 Gotta Gimme Whatcha Got
14 Racing Down The Road
15 Let Me Know
16 Heartache Overload
17 Preview Of The Blues
18 Gotta Go
19 Hey Little Baby Doll
20 Roc-A-Chicka
21 Tandelborstel Twist