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Lightnin' Hopkins

Lightnin' Hopkins is many people's idea of what a blues-singer should be : an endlessly inventive folk-poet, whose imagination is touched by almost everything but whose sing-ing and playing express nothing but the blues. And this, despite nearly 30 years of performing and recording, and all the pressures that might have made him something else, he unswervingly has been. But he has not, outside his own com-munity, been very obviously influential on either American or British rock; his blues, sung by others, are not self-sustaining, as many of the Chicagoans' are.


His early recordings, in the Forties and Fifties, were characterised by thunderous amplification - as any number of reissues demonstrate - but his first ventures into a different market, with acoustic guitar, compensate in subtlety for what they lose in force (e.g. the Folkways and some Bluesville albums). Later sessions placed him with accompanying groups, rarely successfully, though his album for Jewel is an exception.

Through all these records he balances slow blues with vivid boogies, occasionally leaving his guitar to essay an idiosyncratic piano style. Born in Centerville, Texas, in 1912, he spent most of his life in Houston, and his refusal to extract himself from that milieu is the chief reason for his undiminished authenticity as an observer, through the blues, of black life.

Electric Blues 1939-2005. - The Definitive Collection!


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Louisiana Woman - War Is Started Lightnin' Hopkins: Louisiana Woman - War Is Started Art-Nr.: 45J857

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(1970s(?) Jewel Repro! Classic Texas Blues!
Walkin' This Road By Myself (LP) Lightnin' Hopkins: Walkin' This Road By Myself (LP) Art-Nr.: LPCH256

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(ACE Records) 10 tracks - Re-issue of the original 1962 'Bluesville' LP album Lightnin' Hopkins came to the recording studio on February 20, 1962 direct from his landlady's TV set where, in step with most of America, he'd spent the...
Blues In My Bottle (LP) Lightnin' Hopkins: Blues In My Bottle (LP) Art-Nr.: LPCH290

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(ACE Records) 11 tracks - Re-issue of the original 1961 'Bluesville' LP album The technology of the day did not permit the inclusion of both LPs in their entirety, but this is still an extremely good value for money package on this great...
Lightnin' Strikes (Vee-Jay 1960-61) re Lightnin' Hopkins: Lightnin' Strikes (Vee-Jay 1960-61) re Art-Nr.: VJ1044

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(1960-62 'Vee Jay') Neuauflage / Re-issue.
Lightnin' Hopkins (LP) Lightnin' Hopkins: Lightnin' Hopkins (LP) Art-Nr.: LPRUM2011107

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(2015/Rumble) 10 tracks - Reproduction of the 1959 Folkways' album!
Lightnin' And The Blues (LP,180g Vinyl) Lightnin' Hopkins: Lightnin' And The Blues (LP,180g Vinyl) Art-Nr.: LPBE6175

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(Be! Sharp) 12 tracks - Re-issue of the original 1960 'Herald' LP album! Comes in a thick cardborad sleeve One day the phone rang - a collect call from Texas. The voice on the other end belonged to Sam 'Lightnin' Hopkins. 'Man, I wrote a...
Had A Gal Called Sal (7inch, EP, 45rpm, PS) Lightnin' Hopkins: Had A Gal Called Sal (7inch, EP, 45rpm, PS) Art-Nr.: 45ET15100

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(El Toro Records) 4 Track EP - Big Centerhole Texan Sam Hopkins began performing with the legendary Blind Lemon Jefferson in the late 1920s, but had to wait for two decades before the Aladdin record business knocked at his door to record...
Strums The Blues (LP) Lightnin' Hopkins: Strums The Blues (LP) Art-Nr.: LPTMR554

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(Third Man Records) 10 Tracks - Original Aladdin recordings, album version first issued on Capitol's subsidairy Score Records in 1958! Fantastic!