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Lightnin' Hopkins

Lightnin' Hopkins is many people's idea of what a blues-singer should be : an endlessly inventive folk-poet, whose imagination is touched by almost everything but whose sing-ing and playing express nothing but the blues. And this, despite nearly 30 years of performing and recording, and all the pressures that might have made him something else, he unswervingly has been. But he has not, outside his own com-munity, been very obviously influential on either American or British rock; his blues, sung by others, are not self-sustaining, as many of the Chicagoans' are.


His early recordings, in the Forties and Fifties, were characterised by thunderous amplification - as any number of reissues demonstrate - but his first ventures into a different market, with acoustic guitar, compensate in subtlety for what they lose in force (e.g. the Folkways and some Bluesville albums). Later sessions placed him with accompanying groups, rarely successfully, though his album for Jewel is an exception.

Through all these records he balances slow blues with vivid boogies, occasionally leaving his guitar to essay an idiosyncratic piano style. Born in Centerville, Texas, in 1912, he spent most of his life in Houston, and his refusal to extract himself from that milieu is the chief reason for his undiminished authenticity as an observer, through the blues, of black life.

Electric Blues 1939-2005. - The Definitive Collection!


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Lightnin' Hopkins: Rarites & Gems (2-CD)
Art-Nr.: CD061979

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(2013/Fuel 2000) 45 tracks.

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Lightnin' Hopkins: Thinkin' And Worryin' - The Aladdin Singles 1947-1952 (CD)
Art-Nr.: CDJAS3085

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(2016/Jasmine) 26 Tracks - Aladdin recordings 1947-1952! Lightnin' Hopkins was one of the greatest and most popular authentic blues artists. These 26 titles comprise the first 13 singles released by Lightnin' Hopkins between 1947 and 1952. They weren't his first...

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Lightnin' Hopkins: His Blues (2-CD)
Art-Nr.: CDCH21259

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2-CD supplying the soundtrack to Alan Govenar's biography of Lightnin' Hopkins that will be published in 2010. This is the best compilation of Hopkins greatest tunes, carefully re-mastered and in chronological order. Highly recommended!

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Lightnin' Hopkins: Lightnin' Strikes (Vee-Jay 1960-61) re
Art-Nr.: VJ1044

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(1960-62 'Vee Jay') Neuauflage / Re-issue.

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Lightnin' Hopkins: Free Form Patterns (180g Vinyl)
Art-Nr.: LPCHARLY120

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(2014/Charly) 10 tracks). Recorded January 1968 'Free From Patterns' is unusual because the line-up of sessions - the Blues Veteran gets support from a young hip rhythm section from Danny Thomas and Duke Davis from the 13th Floor Elivators who were traveling on...

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Lightnin' Hopkins: Lightnin' And The Blues (LP,180g Vinyl)
Art-Nr.: LPBE6175

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(Be! Sharp) 12 tracks - Re-issue of the original 1960 'Herald' LP album! Comes in a thick cardborad sleeve One day the phone rang - a collect call from Texas. The voice on the other end belonged to Sam 'Lightnin'  Hopkins. 'Man, I wrote a mess o' new tunes...

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Lightnin' Hopkins: Lightnin' In New York
Art-Nr.: CDC79010

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(1960 'Candid') (43:47/08) Die Original-LP als CD / The original LP on CD. LIGHTNIN' HOPKINS - guitar/piano/vocals.

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Lightnin' Hopkins: How Many More Years I Got
Art-Nr.: CDCHD409

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CD on ACE RECORDS by Lightnin' Hopkins - How Many More Years I Got

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BEAR Family Records: All The Classics (4-CD Box)
Art-Nr.: CDJSP7790

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(1946-56) (287:50/106)

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Lightnin' Hopkins: In New York (180 g Vinyl)
Art-Nr.: CJS9010

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(1960 'Candid') Pure Pleasure Neuauflage / Re-issue.

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Lightnin' Hopkins: Walkin' This Road By Myself
Art-Nr.: LPFAN1057

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​(BLUESVILLE) 10 tracks

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Lightnin' Hopkins & Billy Bizor: Wake Up The Dead (1968-1969 (2-CD)
Art-Nr.: CDCI6869

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(2015/Cicadelic) 38 tracks. Lightnin' Hopkins woke up The Dead when he played San Francisco in the 1960's and his song 'Wake Up The Dead' is the centerpiece of this two and a half hour journey into the electrified world of Texas blues. Accompanying Lightnin' on this...

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Lightnin' Hopkins: They Wonder Who I Am b-w Finally Met My Baby 7inch, 45rpm
Art-Nr.: REP08050

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Stunning double decker - blues bopper! Female vocals from Ruth Ames on the flip side. A must for all you blues bop lovers - nuff said!

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Lightnin' Hopkins: Shootin' Fire (CD)
Art-Nr.: CDCI41169

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(2015/Cicadelic) 20 tracks. Lightnin' Hopkins recorded over a dozen songs for the Clarity Music Company at the "ACA" Recording Studio in Houston in April of 1969. These songs ranged from new originals, such as "Born In The Bottom", "December 7, 1941", "A Rainy Day...

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Lightnin' Hopkins: Last Night Blues
Art-Nr.: CD548

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(1960 'Bluesville') (36:51/08) LIGHTNIN' HOPKINS - gtr/voc, SONNY TERRY - hca/voc, LEONARD GASKIN - bass, BELTON EVANS - drums.

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Lightnin' Hopkins: Lightnin' Hopkins (CD)
Art-Nr.: CDSF40019

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(Folkways) 10 tracks. His 1959 Lp on CD

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Lightnin' Hopkins: Complete Aladdin Recordings (2-CD)
Art-Nr.: CD968432

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Hopkins' earliest recordings in a nice package, booklet with biography, discography, and many detailed informations - plus great sound quality.

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Lightnin' Hopkins: The Gold Star Sessions Vol.2
Art-Nr.: CDARH337

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(1947-50 'Gold Star') (67:53/24)

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Lightnin' Hopkins: Lightnin' Hopkins
Art-Nr.: CDBOB3

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(1947-69) (66:53/25)

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Lightnin' Hopkins: Rock Me Mama - Love Me This Morning
Art-Nr.: 45J819

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(1969 'Jewel') Jewel

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Lightnin' Hopkins: Blues From Dowling Street (2-CD)
Art-Nr.: CD0617572

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Two original LPs on two CDs. Comes with a slipcase.

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Lightnin' Hopkins: Mr. Charlie ( Part I & II)
Art-Nr.: 45J816

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(1969 'Jewel') Jewel

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Lightnin' Hopkins: All The Classics (5-CD Box)
Art-Nr.: CDJSP7705

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(1946-51) (351:17/126) Restexemplare / Last copies.

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Lightnin' Hopkins: The Gold Star Sessions Vol.1
Art-Nr.: CDARH330

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(1947-50 'Gold Star') (66:39/24)

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Lightnin' Hopkins: Movin' On Out Boogie - Had A Gal Called...7inch, 45rpm
Art-Nr.: REP08016

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A great two spin Blues Bopper!

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Lightnin' Hopkins: Acoustic Years 1959-60
Art-Nr.: CDJSP77172

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2013 'JSP', ​295:51/75

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Lightnin' Hopkins: Lightnin' Hopkins (LP)
Art-Nr.: LPRUM2011107

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(2015/Rumble) 10 tracks  - Reproduction of the 1959 Folkways' album!

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Lightnin' Hopkins: Lightnin' And The Blues (LP, 180g Vinyl, Ltd.)
Art-Nr.: LPHERALD1012

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(Re-issue) 12 tracks. 1954 Herald

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Lightnin' Hopkins: Walkin' This Road By Myself (LP)
Art-Nr.: LPCH256

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(ACE Records) 10 tracks - Re-issue of the original 1962 'Bluesville' LP album Lightnin' Hopkins came to the recording studio on February 20, 1962 direct from his landlady's TV set where, in step with most of America, he'd spent the morning spellbound...

$18.90 *

Lightnin' Hopkins: Blues In My Bottle (LP)
Art-Nr.: LPCH290

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(ACE Records) 11 tracks - Re-issue of the original 1961 'Bluesville' LP album The technology of the day did not permit the inclusion of both LPs in their entirety, but this is still an extremely good value for money package on this great bluesman....

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Lightnin' Hopkins: Soul Blues (LP, 180g Vinyl, Ltd.)
Art-Nr.: LPPRES7377

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(2017/Concord) 10 Tracks - HQ reissue of the original 1966 Prestige album! Comes in a heavy carton coverjacket with rice paper inner sleeve. High quality analog mastering using the original master tapes! Limited and numbered deluxe edition of less than 1000 copies!

$58.44 *

Lightnin' Hopkins: Lightnin' - The Blues Of Lightnin' Hopkins (LP, 180g Vinyl)
Art-Nr.: LPAPRJ1019

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(2015/Analogue Productions) 10 tracks - Reproduction of the original 1962 album! Remastered from the origibnal analogue tapes

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Lightnin' Hopkins: Lightnin' Sam Hopkins (LP, Ltd).)
Art-Nr.: LPAHL1011

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(2016/Arhoolie) 9 tracks. Limited to 500 copies on gold vinyl! Recorded in Berkeley, California and Houston in Winter 1961 and 1962.

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Lightnin' Hopkins: Blues Master Works (180g) (2-LP,1-CD)
Art-Nr.: LPDB002

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(2013/Delta Blues) 27 tracks. Incl. download code.

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Lightnin' Hopkins: Texas Blues Man
Art-Nr.: LPARH1034

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(1967 'Arhoolie') Contains download card.

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Lightnin' Hopkins: Very Best Of (2-CD)
Art-Nr.: CD061909

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(1960-69) (158:45/38)

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Lightnin' Hopkins: Louisiana Woman - War Is Started
Art-Nr.: 45J857

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(1970s(?) Jewel Repro! Classic Texas Blues!

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Lightnin' Hopkins: Lightnin' Hopkins (LP)
Art-Nr.: LPFS3822

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(Smithsonian Folkways) 10 tracks Musicologist Sam Charters recorded legendary, Texas country bluesman Sam "Lightnin'" Hopkins in 1959 before the revival of rural blues or country music. Nonetheless, this recording of Hopkins's first acoustic sessions was...

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Lightnin' Hopkins: Lightnin' Strikes
Art-Nr.: LPDOL1144

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(2013/Dol) 10 tracks. 1960-62 'Vee Jay'

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BEAR Family Records: Free Form Patterns (3-CD)
Art-Nr.: CDPROP750

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(2014/Proper) 45 tracks,

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Lightnin' Hopkins: I'm Wild About You Baby - Bad Things On My Mind
Art-Nr.: REP08047

Currently not available

Re-issue, reproduction.

$11.31 *