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Z.Z. Hill: Greatest Hits
Art-Nr.: CDMAL7437

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(1990/Malaco) 11 tracks.

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Z.Z. Hill: Whoever's Thrilling You (Is Killing Me) (LP)
Art-Nr.: LPSSL6006

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(Stateside) 12 tracks - Recorded 1972 and 1975

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Z.Z. Hill: Brand New Z.Z. Hill
Art-Nr.: CDALIVE153

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(2013/Alive) 18 tracks

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Z.Z. Hill: Am I Groovin' You?
Art-Nr.: CDMW057

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Great early 1970s soul from one of the most successful soul/blues vocalists of all times. - fold-out cardboard sleeve.

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Z.Z. Hill: Snap Your Fingers With Z.Z. Hill
Art-Nr.: CDSHOUT70

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(1972-74 'UA' etc.) (71:02/23)

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Z.Z. Hill: The Brand New Z.Z. Hill
Art-Nr.: MANKIND201

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(1971 'S.D.E.G.') ??

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Z.Z. Hill: The Brand New Z.Z. Hill
Art-Nr.: CD1951

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Outstanding recordings from one of the world's geatest blues/soul vocalists, ever. Fascinating liner nhotes by producer/owner Jerry Williams aka The Swamp Dogg.

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