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Charlie Hightone & The Rock-Its: Small But Loud
Art-Nr.: CDSR1731

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(2014/Sleazy) 11 tracks, brandnew and hot-of-the press! Wild authentic Rockabilly at its best! A+ release and recommended!

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Charlie Hightone & The Rock-Its: Major Productions & B-Tracks
Art-Nr.: CDSR15

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(2010/Sleazy) 16 tracks from their Vinyl-EP killers (2006-2008) plus two alternate tracks and two new recordings - digipac

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Charlie Hightone & The Rock-Its: Baby Behave b-w Hangover Blues 7inch, 45rpm
Art-Nr.: 45sr82

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(2014/Sleazy) Black/White Vinyl

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Charlie Hightone & The Rock-Its: Rock-It, Man, Rock-It (CD)
Art-Nr.: CDSR04

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(2006/Sleazy 11 tracks - tough, authentic 50s sound from Spain of mostly original boppers - Highlight! (sk/Bear Family Records)

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