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The Go Getters

The start

In January of 1988, amidst the frozen badlands of Västerås, Sweden, a gang of Vikings decided to heat things up by forming a rockabilly trio. They would call themselves The Go Getters. Since then the ensuing inferno rages like an oil fire out of control. Led by standup drummer and chief songwriter Peter Sandberg on lead vocals, The Go Getters have electrified audiences around the world with their own custom blend of ass-kickin’, blues-marinated, high-octane, mega-watt rockabilly boogie.

First steps - 1988-1992

After appearing on several compilation albums in the late 1980’s, The Go Getters released their first single, You Don’t Love Me, in 1992. The platter soon topped the European roots music charts and led to the release of their debut LP, Real Gone!, considered a milestone in modern Euro rockabilly music for its heavy infusion of the blues. The success of these records fueled a demand for the group throughout Europe, where they toured without mercy for the better part of a decade. In addition to their own shows, The Go Getters have backed many of the 50’s biggest rockabilly stars, including Sleepy La Beef, Ray Sharpe, Larry Donn, Johnny Powers and the greatest of them all, Mr. "Rockin’ Bones" himself, the late Ronnie Dawson out of Dallas, Texas. Since 1990 Dawson used them on almost all his tours in Scandinavia.

Hotter Than A Pepper

The group embarked on their first tour of the United States in 1995, playing Chicago, Detroit and Minneapolis before finally incinerating Fairmont, Indiana, where they rocked the Rebel Weekender to a frenzy, proving that a gang of Vikings could still conquer a continent. In that same year they also released two singles, Gangwar b/w Hobo Baby and Sandberg’s self-penned "LOUD PIPES 'N' LEAD FEET", the latter a hit in the hot rod world where Sandberg, in addition to his full-time singing, drumming and songwriting, continues to build his own Hot Rods & Customs. In 1996, the single MeXiGo! b/w Madman Blues was released on Goofin' Records, followed by their second, blistering LP Hotter Than A Pepper. In May of that year they also made their long awaited appearance at the Hemsby Rock'n'Roll Weekender No.16 in the U.K. inciting their fans to near riot. That summer they embarked on their second U.S. tour, invading New York, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Portland and Boston, and in the Viking tradition, taking no prisoners.

Rock'n'Roll Is Everywhere

1998 saw the release of the third Go Getters album, Rock'n'Roll Is Everywhere!, and the band’s third U.S. tour, with stops in Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco, San José and ultimately, ''Sin City'' and the Viva Las Vegas Rockabilly Weekender No.1, where their performance was said to have raised the candlepower of the Vegas skyline to that of a nuclear blast. A week after arriving home to Sweden, the trio swept out the ashes and hit the road for its triumphant return to England and the Hemsby Rock'n'Roll Weekender No. 20.

USA and Australia

In 1999 The Go Getters toured the United States for the fourth time before landing in Australia on a ten-city string of barn burners that left the earth scorched in the land down under. The tour included a recording session at the famous Preston Studio in Melbourne. A bunch of trax was put on tape and 4 original tracks written by Peter can be heard on the ''Australian Tour 99''-EP out on Goofin' Records. The sound in this all valve studio is fantastic! The LP/ CD "Welcome To SIN CITY" had been out for a while and were gettin raving reviews! 12 originals from Peter's scetch pad bout Hot Rods, Hot Girls, Hot Drinks ….Oh! and HOT LOVE!

Live Beers and Motormouth

Awaiting their new album they released a LIVE CD with recordings from USA "LIVE IN LOS ANGELES" (Still Crazy After All These Beers!) This long awaited live recording was done on a hot night at the the Fabulous CINEMA BAR in Culver City, L.A. Hot from the presses is: "BRAND NEW CADILLAC" a CD-EP with 3 tracks …also includes "NO HEART TO SPARE" and "BLACK MAGIC WOMAN" followed by their studio recorded LP /CD! "MOTORMOUTH"! The Go Getters mix of blues, rockabilly and country generates a positive party atmosphere that will keep the beer-taps open all night at any bar. This is CITY FIED and COUNTRY FRIED ROCKABILLY!

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The Go Getters: Live In Los Angeles (2002)
Art-Nr.: CDGR6120

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(GOOFIN/2002) 11 tracks recorded live at the Cinema Bar, Los Angeles

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The Go Getters: Rock & Roll Is Everywhere - 10'LP
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The Go Getters: Rock & Roll Is Everywhere (2003)
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The Go Getters: Hotter Than Pepper! (1996)
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(1996/GOOFIN) 14 tracks One of today's most popular Rockabilly bands with a killer version of 'High School Ceasar' plus 13 more explosive goodies!

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The Go Getters: No Brakes - Live At The Rockabilly Rave (DVD)
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(2011/ROCKABILLY RAVE) NTSC, Code 0, Color, 40 Min., Digipac.

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The Go Getters: Motormouth (2003)
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(2003/2012/GOOFIN) 16 tracks (52:54) Jewelcase. Re-issue of this all-time Rockabilly Killer by popular demand!*****

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The Go Getters: Love And Hate (CD)
Art-Nr.: CDGR6193

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(2017/Goofin') 12 Tracks (40:44) - Digipack - The new Go Getters album Love & Hate is released just as the Swedish trio is nominated for the best rockabilly band at Ameripolitan Music Award 2018 in Memphis, Tennessee. It is almost a decade since their...

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The Go Getters: Welcome To Sin City (2001)
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The Go Getters: Hot Rod Roadeo (CD)
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(2008/GOOFIN) 12 tracks - digipac

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The Go Getters: Love And Hate (LP & CD)
Art-Nr.: LPGR61224

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(Goofin') 12 Tracks (40:44) Vinyl LP with printed innersleeve including all lyrics plus CD. The new Go Getters album Love & Hate is released just as the Swedish trio is nominated for the best rockabilly band at Ameripolitan Music Award 2018 in Memphis,...

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