Elvis - Picture Discs

Picture discs are comprised of transparent vinyl that encloses a picture (in this case Elvis). These pretty gimmicks have been on the market since the 1970s and are an institution.
However, making a picture disc is tough work, buddy – thus, most of them are strictly limited and become sought after collector's items real quick. Don't think twice – they might be gone tomorrow!

Elvis Presley: Didja' Ever (LP, Picture Disc, Ltd.)
Art-Nr.: RWLP014P

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(Rockwell) 12 tracks - Limited Edition Picture Disc

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Elvis Presley: Elvis - The 50's (5-LP, Picture Disc, Ltd.)
Art-Nr.: LPRCA13567

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(1994/RCA Italy) full color picture vinyl albums with sleeves of: 'Elvis Presley', 'Elvis', 'Loving You', 'King Creole' & 'Christmas Album'.

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Elvis Presley: Love Me Tender - Picture Shape CD
Art-Nr.: CDRCA64885

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CD on RCA RECORDS by Elvis Presley - Love Me Tender - Picture Shape CD

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Elvis Presley: Madison Square Garden Interview 1972 (LP Picture Disc)
Art-Nr.: LPEPPD19

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rare US custom pressing - 220g

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The Million Dollar Quartet: The One Million Dollar Quartet - Complete Sessions (2-LP, Picture Discs)
Art-Nr.: LPSP5001

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(S-RECORDS) 40 tracks - now rare Picture Discs from the legendary Memphis recordings. first pressing stock copies!  - Comes with full color custom album cover (a later printing to replace the original first issue gatefold cover)

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