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In 1999, a Danish historian named Ernst Jorgensen had a dream: he wanted to start a specialist label for Elvis completists and die hard fans. His aim was to offer studio outtakes, lost masters and rare "soundboard recordings" (direct from a mixing console) from numerous 70s live shows - legally and in the best sound quality possible. Jorgensen was no upstart – in fact he was already head of the Danish department of RCA and the driving force behind all major Elvis re-issues, since BMG took over the company in the late 1980s. Amongst his masterpieces was the Grammy nominated box set "Elvis - The King of Rock 'n' Roll: The Complete 50's Masters" from 1992.

A lifelong Elvis fan himself, Jorgensen knew what real fans were looking for, but more importantly: he knew where to look for it! Being a historian and a lifelong crime novel fiend proves to be important when it comes to finding lost crown jewels. BMG (now Sony Music International) held his expertise in high esteem and granted him his dream. As a result, the label "Follow That Dream" (FTD) was launched in 1999. Ernst Jorgensen was keen to re-establish Elvis as a serious artist and to weaken the ever growing market of bootlegs worldwide. The limited FTD editions are peerless when it comes to sound, art work and research. They are highly priced by collectors and sell out fast. Get 'em while you can!

Elvis Presley: From Memphis To Hollywood (Book+CD)
Art-Nr.: 0016431

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(FTD) 320 pages plus CD incl. the 'G.I. Blues' Mono Masters! Hardcover, 24.5x24.5 cm.

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Elvis Presley: Writing For The King (Book & 2-CD)
Art-Nr.: 0016357

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(Follow That Dream) Hardback/Einband mit festen Deckeln, English, 24x24 cm, rare b/w & color illustrations, CD#1: Elvis live recordings 1969-72, CD#2 full lenght demo versions of songs made famous by Elvis; 400 pages (1.8kg) of quotes, anecdotes and inside...

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Elvis Presley: A Moment In Time - 4 Days In '56
Art-Nr.: 0016420

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(2011/Follow That  Dream) Hardback, 24.5x24.5cm, 190 pages, a photo book (b&w) by Michael Rose. many unpublished! See what Elvis did on four days in the year of 1956 when he raised to stardom!  - While producing a documentary about Elvis' early years,...

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Elvis Presley: King Creole - The Music (Book&CD)
Art-Nr.: 0016403

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(Follow That Dream) Hardback, 24.5x24.5 cm, 204 pages; includes more than 200 classic, rare and never before published photos from the recording sessions and the filming of the song scenes for 'King Creole'. The accompanying CD includes all known surviving Elvis...

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Elvis Presley: Flashback 1956-1958 (Book+CD)
Art-Nr.: 0016320

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(2004/Follow That Dream) An audiovisual documentary by Sherif Hanna & Ernst Mikael Jörgensen. Flashback provides an insightful look at the 30 months when Elvis truly reigned as 'King Of Rock & Roll'. With 285 classic, rare and previously unpublished photos...

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