Elvis Presley - The King of Rock´n´Roll!

Elvis Presley 

Elvis Aaron Presley, commonly known as Elvis, better known as the "King of Rock and Roll" or "The King", was born January 8, 1935 in Tupelo, Mississippi. He died in Memphis, Tennessee, August 16, 1977.

Bear Family offers a tremendously large selection of CDs, Vinyl LPs and 45s, boxed sets, books, DVDs, special items, and merchandise on him. Elvis will remain a cultural icon, a superstar, youth idol, and a synonym for Rock 'n' Roll in general. Bear Family is treating his legacy with respect and authority.

Elvis Presley: The Elvis Map - A Travel Guide
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(E.P. Fan Club Finland ry) Paperback, 14.5x21 cm, english, 70 pages, color illustrations; Elvis Aaron Presley was born to humble conditions in Tupelo, Mississippi. His journey from a poor working class family from a small town to one of the world's most popular...

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Elvis Presley: The King Forever - The Man And His Music Special Scrapbook
Art-Nr.: 0016525

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(Now Dig This GB) 60 page 21x30 cm scrapbook of rare b/w photos

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Elvis Presley: Elvis - Tear-Out Photo Book
Art-Nr.: 001649837

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Taschenbuch - 20 Seiten - Oliver Books - 1994 - Englisch 20 tear-out photos featured inside (see back cover)

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Elvis Presley: Jerry Osborne's Rockin' Records Special Elvis Edition
Art-Nr.: 0016rr

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Magazine - 32 pages - english - b/w - numbered edition! last copies INTRODUCTORY NOTES This Rockin' Records Special Elvis Edition fulfills two needs that a flood of Elvis record collectors have been writing and calling us about. FIRST: Record collectors and...

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Elvis Presley: A Touch Of Gold by Neal Umphred
Art-Nr.: 0016075

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326 Seiten/pages; 27.5/21.5 cm; Paperback The Elvis Presley Record & Memorabilia Price Guide, 1990 Edition You won't know what's happening in the world of Elvis collecting without A Touch Of Gold by Neal Umphred Record collectors and Elvis fans are already...

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Elvis Presley: Graceland Extra Magazin Nr.11 - 1986
Art-Nr.: MAGGL011

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(1986/EPG) Magazin, 21 x 29,7 x 0,4 cm, 52 Seiten, deutsch Jailhouse Rock Vol.1 (Rhythmus hinter Gittern) Film-Sonderausgabe  MIT FARBPOSTER Graceland Extra ist eine Sonderausgabe des internationalen Elvis-Magazins Nr.11 April 1986 Graceland und Graceland...

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