Elvis Presley - The King of Rock´n´Roll!

Elvis Presley 

Elvis Aaron Presley, commonly known as Elvis, better known as the "King of Rock and Roll" or "The King", was born January 8, 1935 in Tupelo, Mississippi. He died in Memphis, Tennessee, August 16, 1977.

Bear Family offers a tremendously large selection of CDs, Vinyl LPs and 45s, boxed sets, books, DVDs, special items, and merchandise on him. Elvis will remain a cultural icon, a superstar, youth idol, and a synonym for Rock 'n' Roll in general. Bear Family is treating his legacy with respect and authority.

Elvis Presley: Elvis in Germany (DVD)
Art-Nr.: DVDRELVG971

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5/PAL, 4:3,  Region Free, 60 Minutes Running Time, Colour ELVIS IN GERMANY ARCHIVE DOCUMENTS FILMED FROM 1958 UNTIL 1977. When Elvis was called up to serve in the US Army, it was seen by many as representing the end of a golden period in pop history. How...

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Elvis Presley: Hot Shots And Cool Clips Vol.4 (DVD)
Art-Nr.: DVDJAT9447

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(2009/JAT) NTSC, Code 0, Color and B&W, ca.60 Mins.  - Elvis: Hot Shots And Cool Clips Volume 4 continues the acclaimed JAT series, containing more extraordinary footage of the most fascinating performer in history — Elvis Presley. This engaging DVD...

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Elvis Presley: Hot Shots And Cool Clips Vol.5 (DVD)
Art-Nr.: DVDJAT20329

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(2011/JAT) NTSC, Code 0, color and b&w, 60 Mins.  - Elvis: Hot Shots And Cool Clips Volume 5 is the latest installment of the acclaimed JAT series, and contains great quality footage of Elvis in Vegas 1956, unreleased Army induction footage, the complete...

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Elvis Presley: Elvis At The Movies (8-DVD)
Art-Nr.: DVDPHE9683

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PAL, Code 2, English G.I. Blues King Creole Blue Hawaii Girls! Girls! Girls! Paradise, Hawaiian Style Fun In Acapulco Easy Come, Easy Go Roustabout G.I. Blues The year was 1960. A payola scandal shocks the music world. Movie fans are introduced to...

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Elvis Presley: The Definitive (EU) 4-DVD (2)
Art-Nr.: DVDDP031

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PAL, English, ca.15 hours, Dutch & French subtitles, 2.0 stereo., dolby;

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