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The Earls: Best Of The Earls
Art-Nr.: LPROME156

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There is a certain unique sound in the teenage record world - a very "in" sound - that doesn’t depend on crazes, long hair or gimmicks. It’s the sound that every teenager who has ever wanted to sing in a group, digs most. This is the sound of the Earls. This is...

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The Earls: Remember Rome - The Early Years (Vinyl-LP)
Art-Nr.: LPCB103

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This album represents the early recordings of Larry Chance and The Earls while they were on the Rome Record Label. The group’s talent was present from the start, but national recognition would elude the Earls for the first two years of their career. There were some...

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The Earls: Hits & Rarities
Art-Nr.: CDBB55104

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Eine thematische Zusammenstellung (Compilation) als CD-Album mit sehr raren Doo-Wop und Teenage Rock And Roll Titeln aus den 50er bis frühen 60er Jahren. Die CD-Album Serie Dee Jay Jamboree Dee Jay Records ist eine hervorragende Ergänzung zu der Bear Family Records...

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The Earls: Early & Rare Sides 1961-1968 (CD)
Art-Nr.: CDR156

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(1991/EMOR) 31 tracks with 12 page booklet

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The Earls: Larry Chance & The Earls - Live (1987)
Art-Nr.: EARLS1000

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(1987/RAINBOW) 12 tracks - great evening / no more data

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The Earls: Remember Me Baby
Art-Nr.: OLDTOWN104

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(1963/OLD TOWN) 12 tracks (re-pressing from unknown origin, probably 1970s)

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