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Danny & The Wonderbras: Rock It! (2012)
Art-Nr.: CDDMG218133

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(2012/DMG) 15 tracks, brandnew album of this German Rockabilly/Rock outfit! If you ever get the chance to see'em live... go and dig the show!! Pre-order this album NOW - it's available in January 2013! This album is for all the fellas who dig artists like the late...

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Danny & The Wonderbras: End Of The Road - 50s Rock & Roll
Art-Nr.: CDDMG218078

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(2008/DMG) 15 tracks

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Danny & The Wonderbras: Rockabilly Party (2012)
Art-Nr.: CDDMG218123

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(2011/DMG) 15 tracks, brandnew album!

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