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Country CDs, Western CDs and Vinyl online

It’s Country Music Time! 

When we talk about classical country music at Bear Family Records, we mean country music from the 1940s to the 1970s, which includes the different modes of playing the Honky Tonk Sound, the Nashville Sound, and the Bakersfield Sound.

Honky Tonk Sound:

Honky Tonk Sound was created in Texas in the late 1940s, primarily in the areas where oil was mined, and was mostly represented in the local dance halls, bars and clubs, which were often very busy. To make the music audible, they began to amplify it electrically and accompanied with drums. Thematically it was often about everyday problems and the lyrics were very direct. Popular topics in the 'Honky Tonk Music' are for example ‚women‘ (Honky Tonk had mostly male performers), beer, singing and dancing. Among the most popular representatives of the 'Honky Tonk Sound‘ are Hank Williams Sr., George Jones, Waylon Jennings, Ernest Tubb, Loretta Lynn and Webb Pierce,

Nashville Sound:

The so-called 'Nashville Sound' was produced as the name implies in Nashville, Tennessee. In the 1950s, country music lost ground to Rock 'n' Roll and Pop music. The producers tried to counteract by smoothing out the 'raw' sound of Country music and for example underscored the songs with choirs. Among the most well-known and successful producers of the 'Nashville Sound‘ are Chet Atkins and Owen Bradley, who are well known for the success of artists like Jim Reeves, Skeeter Davis, Tammy Wynette, Eddy Arnold.

Bakersfield Sound:

The 'Bakersfield Sound' was created in Bakersfield, California in the late 1950s, and is strongly inspired by the classic ‚Honky Tonk Sound' and the ’Rockabilly Music' of the 1950s. The classic features of the 'Bakersfield Sounds' include the electrically amplified instruments and the hard and high-pitched guitars. Among the best known representatives of the Bakersfield Sounds include Buck Owens, Wynn Stewart and Merle Haggard.

Dolly Parton: My Life And Other Unfinished Business
Art-Nr.: 0017128

Item in stock

340 pages/Seiten, 24x16 cm, hardcover/gebunden: Don't expect too many intimate details, you won't find them. But if a superficial biography combined with fluent writing and therefore easy reading plus quite a lot of nice b&w and color photographs is what you...

$29.19 *

DAVIS, Don: Nashville Steeler
Art-Nr.: 003142790

Item in stock

Taschenbuch - 144 - Gazelle Book Services - 2012 - Englisch This true account of the rise of country music is told by a 1940s band musician, Don Davis, who became a music business executive and worked with all the Grand Ole Opry stars. Johnny Cash, the Carter...

$25.68 *

Howard White: Every Highway Out of Nashville, Volume 2
Art-Nr.: 0031268419

Item in stock

Taschenbuch - 268 pages - Nova Books Nashville - Revised. edition - Englisch This book continues the story of a North Carolina country boy, who tried to serve his country in war-time and wanted to play on The Grand Ole Opry. While in the Navy, he suffered a...

$21.00 *

Woody Guthrie: Woody Guthrie - The Tribute Concerts
Art-Nr.: BCD17329

Item in stock

Exclusive 3-CD set accompanied by two beautifully illustrated books containing historic liner notes and Guthrie biography, original concert reviews and photographs, attendees interviews and artists bios, and concert ephemera.   * DeLuxe packaging, two hardcover...

Instead of:$116.94 * $105.24 *

Sam Phillips: Flyin' Saucers Rock & Roll: The Cosmic Genius Of Sam Phillips
Art-Nr.: 0017009

Item in stock

(2015 Country Music Foundation Press) Softcover, 64 pages, 25x25cm, english, fully illustrated in b&w and color. One of the most innovative and inspiring figures in the history of American music, Sun Records founder Sam Phillips introduced the world to Johnny...

Instead of:$29.19 * $21.00 *

Who's Who Of Country Music: Who's Who Of Country Music - The Guinness Who's Who of Fifties Music by Colin Larkin
Art-Nr.: 0031025

Item in stock

352 pages/Seiten; 23.5/17 cm; Paperback: Biographies of the stars of country music from Jimmie Rodgers to Garth Brooks, from Roy Acuff to Steve Young. Includes lists of their album releases and lots of black & white photographies. Biographien der Stars der...

$92.37 *

Joel Whitburn: Joel Whitburn's Top R&B Singles 1942-1995
Art-Nr.: book1152

Item in stock

Gebundene Ausgabe - 681 - Record Research Inc - 1996 - Englisch The World's Leading Authority On Recorded Entertainment R&B SINGLES 1942-1995 From Doo-Wop to Hip-Hop The most accurate and thorough account of the evolu-tion of R&B music ever published,...

$105.24 *

Neil Haislop, Tad Lathrop and Harry Sumrall: Giants of Country Music - Classic Sounds and Stars, from the Heart of Nashville to the Top of the Charts
Art-Nr.: book76352

Item in stock

Taschenbuch - 258 Seiten -  Billboard Books - 1995 - Englisch by Neil Haislop, Tad Lathrop and Harry Sumrall Some say country and western, some say western swing, some say hillbilly music. But by any name, the sound collectively known as country music has a...

$40.89 *

Elvis Presley: Pictures Of Elvis Presley And Other Great Names In Entertainment - Scrapbook (c.Tucker - Williams 1981)
Art-Nr.: 0016118

Item in stock

Paperback, 32 pages/Seiten; rare Souvenirbooklet with great 8x10 photos in b&w! Rare 1950s scrapbook from the collection of Gabe Tucker, Houston,TX.

$11.64 *

Chas McDevitt: Skiffle - The Definitive Inside Story by Chas McDevitt
Art-Nr.: 0041610

Item in stock

(1997/Robson Books) English, Hardback w.dustjacket/Gebunden mit Schutzumschlag, 17x24 cm, 294 pages, rare b&w illustrations. Foreword by Mark Knopfler and George Harrison. Few stock copies of the 1997 original version! Skiffle is the first book in 40 years to...

$81.84 *

Johnny Cash: In Words, Pictures, And Music (including CD)
Art-Nr.: 0003119

Item in stock

(2015-Chartwell Books) Hardback, English, 192 pages, illustrated with hundreds of (often rare) color and b&w photos, plus Audio CD (16 tracks). Superb career and life overview with a well balanced mix of notes and pictures plus CD. A Must Have Bargain!*****

Instead of:$58.44 * $23.34 *

Various: Folksongs of Another America (5-CD - 1-DVD)
Art-Nr.: CDDTD43

Currently not available

(2015/Dust To Digital) Folksongs of Another America is a compilation of field recordings made in Michigan, Minnesota, and Wisconsin between 1937 and 1946. Armed with bulky microphones, blank disks, spare needles, and cumbersome disc-cutting machines, several...

$81.84 *

Kicks Magazine: Tragic Tales - Tragic Tales From The Grassy Knoll - A Souvenir From Top Ten Records Dallas, Texas
Art-Nr.: 0042437

Item in stock

Souvenir memorial booklet commemorating the record release event for the album 'Tragic Songs From The Grassy Knoll' - John F. Kennedy 50th Anniversary Collection. 33 page songbook with foreword describing several unique popular culture elements to the dark events of...

$8.78 *

Kevin L. Glaser: The Great Tompall: Forgotten Country Music Outlaw
Art-Nr.: 0007016

Item in stock

(2013/Right Side Creations) Kevin L. Glaser, English, Hardback w. dustjacket, 345 pages. The Great Tompall: Forgotten Country Music Outlaw provides an in-depth look at the life of one of country music's least recognized - but most iconic and influential...

$40.89 *

Roscoe Holcomb: Holcomb, Roscoe - John Cohn: High And Lonesome Sound - The Legacy of Roscoe Holcomb (incl.CD+DVD)
Art-Nr.: 0008089

Item in stock

(2012/Steidl Verlag) 262 pages, Hardback, English. The music of Roscoe Holcomb transcended daily life. Although it was grounded in Appalachia, in East Kentucky, in his little town of Dais, his music travelled like it was on a path towards a distant star. John Cohen...

$46.74 *

Early Country Charts: Early Country Charts
Art-Nr.: 0081080

Item in stock

Paperback, 15x21.5 cm, 56 pages, song index; this compilation is based on material copyrighted by Billboard 1944-48 and 1950;

$5.85 *

Lefty Frizzell: I Love You A Thousand Ways - The Lefty Frizzell Story
Art-Nr.: 0006025

Item in stock

...'The Lefty Frizzell Story' (2011/Santa Monica Press) English, Hardback w.Dustjacket, 24x16x2,5 cm, 326 pages, 16 pages of rare b&w photos.

$35.04 *

Michael F. Scully: The Never Ending Revival - The Never-Ending Revival
Art-Nr.: 0031427

Item in stock

(2008/Uni.Illinois Press) English, Clothbound w.Dustjacket, 16x23 cm, 260 pages.

$35.04 *

John Milton: 78 Blues - Folksongs & Phonogr - 78 Blues
Art-Nr.: 0031420

Item in stock

'Folksongs And Phonographs In The American South' (2008/UNI.MISSISSIPPI) english, clothbound w.dustjacket, 24x16x2,5cm, 288 pages, few b&w illustration. A study of the first Hillbilly and Race records and their impact on artists and audiences;

$64.35 *

Dan Daley: Nashville's Unwritten Rules - Nashvilles's Unwritten Rules
Art-Nr.: 0031419

Item in stock

(1998/OVERLOOK) English, Clothbound, 16x23.5 cm, Nashville's unwritten rules and its group of tightly knit power players. Producers, publishers, studios, songwriters a.o.-last copies

$23.34 *

Joan Burbick: Rodeo Queens - Rodeo Queens - On The Circuit With America's Cowgirls
Art-Nr.: 0031303

Currently not available

(2002/PB) English, 15x23 cm, 246 pages, b&w photos; a profile of Rodeo Life in the spotlight and afterwards - special price/last copies

Instead of:$21.00 * $5.85 *

Michael H. Price: Dance Of The Peckerwoods - Daynce Of The Peckerwoods
Art-Nr.: 0031410

Item in stock

(2006/MUSIC MENTOR) Paperback, English, 15x23 cm, 348 pages, rare b&w illustrations; From a childhood spent among such key roots-music figures as Bob Wills and Big Joe Turner, Eck Robertson and Norman Petty and T-Bone Walker - and an extended strech as a jazz,...

$34.98 *

Bernhard Geiger: Songbook - Best Of Country Vol.2
Art-Nr.: 0031407

Item in stock

(Musikverlag Geiger) Paperback, 21x30 cm, 32 Seiten;

$20.94 *

Thomas Weisser: Spaghetti Westerns - Spaghetti Westerns
Art-Nr.: 0031240

Item in stock

(McFARLAND/2005) 15cm x 23cm, paperback, engl., 502 pages; A comprehensive , illustrated filmography of more than 500 Eurowesterns and their personell.

$52.65 *

Barbara Ching: Wrong's What I Do Best
Art-Nr.: 0031183

Item in stock

'Hard Country Music and Contemporary Culture' 'Ching...argues that this feisty, mostly male genre, (hard country), is overdue for cultural analysis, claiming that its focus is 'far wider than barnyard and bars' and that its 'volatile blend of anger, irony, and...

$23.28 *

James R. Goff Jr.: Close Harmony History Of Southern Gospel
Art-Nr.: 0031187

Item in stock

English, Paperback, 14.5x23 cm, 392 pages, b&w photos; The spread of white gospel music is intricately connected to the people who based their livelihoods on it and 'Close Harmony' is filled with the stories of artists and groups such as Frank Stamps, the Chuck...

$38.03 *

Desperados: Desperados - John Einarson: Roots Of Country Rock
Art-Nr.: 0031185

Item in stock

English, Paperback, 15x22.5 cm, 286 pages, b&w phots - From the four corners of the nation, farmboys, truckers, miners, and clerks descended upon the golden coast of California. Carrying their guitars, their notebooks, their very lives strapped across their...

$34.98 *

Clinton Walker: Buried Country - Buried Country - Aboriginal Country Music
Art-Nr.: 0031184

Item in stock

Long before it was commonplace for Aboriginal dance companies to tour the world or for central desert 'dot paintings' to sell for astronomical sums, it was country music that first gave Aboriginal people a voice in modern Australia. To some, black skin and country...

$29.19 *

Kerrville Folk Festival: Kerrville Folk Festival - Rod Kennedy: Music From The Heart (HB) 1999
Art-Nr.: 0031157

Item in stock

Hardback Edition / Gebundene Edition mit Schutzumschlag

Instead of:$19.60 * $11.64 *

Margo Liberty & Barry Head: Working Cowboy - Working Cowboy - Recollections Of Ray Holmes
Art-Nr.: 0031207

Item in stock

English, Hardback, 15x22 cm, 256 pages: Ray Holmes has spent nearly his whole life on horseback herding cattle and doing other work with livestock. Some b/w pictures.

$49.73 *

Ozark Jubilee: Ozark Jubilee - Reta Spears-Stewart: Remembering The Ozark Jubilee
Art-Nr.: 0031100

Item in stock

140 pages/Seiten, 21x26.5 cm, Paperback: 40 years of the legendary country music show 'Ozark Jubilee' are commemorated with plenty of b&w photographs, anecdotes and personal memories. Outstanding work! 40 Jahre ist KWTO's legendäre Show 'Ozark Jubilee' nun alt,...

$81.61 *

Redneck Rock (New Edition): Redneck Rock (new Edition) - Jan Reid: The Improbable Rise Of Redneck Rock
Art-Nr.: 0031097

Item in stock

(2004/TX PRESS) Hardback/Gebunden mit Schutzumschlag, English, 16x23.5 cm, 380 pages, many rare b&w photos;

$40.83 *

Various: Favorites Songs Of Hayloft Hoedown
Art-Nr.: 0031075

Item in stock

50 pages/Seiten; 30.5/22.5 cm; booklet/geheftet: Sheet music from the Philadelphia radio show of the 40s and 50s, from 1948. Noten und Texte aus dem berühmten Radioprogramm aus Philadelphia in den 40er und 50er Jahren.

$9.30 *

Jack Howard: The Friend Of The Stars
Art-Nr.: 0019021

Item in stock

35 pages/Seiten: Howard owns a music publishing company for country music, and this is some of the sheet music he publishes. Howard besitzt einen Musikverlag für Country Musik, und dies sind die Noten und Texte einiger Songs, die er vertreibt. Enthält s/w-Fotos.

$2.93 *

Kitty Wells: The Golden Years by Bob Pinson & Richard Weize
Art-Nr.: BFB10009

Item in stock

Kitty Wells   The Golden Years - A bio/discography 1949 - 1957 by Bob Pinson, Richard Weize & Charles Wolfe  BFB 10009 EAN: 4000127100092 ISBN: 3-924787-08-5  DIN-A5; 32 pages  Nashville-born singer Kitty Wells was truly the First...

Instead of:$18.42 * $2.93 *

Samm Woolley Coombs: Coombs, Samm Woolley - A Pickin' And A Grinnin' On The Courthouse Square - Jimmy Driftwood Story
Art-Nr.: 0031068

Item in stock

243 pages/Seiten; 27.5/21.5 cm; Paperback: AN OZARK FAMILY ALBUM - Incorporates the JIMMIE DRIFTWOOD STORY, the SPRING FESTIVAL PARADE and many more beautifully photographed Ozark get-togethers of folk and country musicians. Fotobuch über Folk- und Country Musik in...

$29.13 *