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Along about 1959, the Duke Records braintrust astutely recognized that Bobby 'Blue' Bland had serious potential to cross over into the pop realm and make a much bigger splash than he already had in the blues and R&B arenas. The Rosemark, Tennessee native's melismatically enriched vocal style always got him over very well with the ladies, despite his not being a particularly agile presence onstage. Thanks to his wonderfully warm pipes, he didn't need to be 

It had taken Bland awhile to break through to the big time. He'd been recording for Duke since 1952, when it was still located in Memphis and before Houston entrepreneur Don Robey took the imprint over. Bland's impassioned wails and Duke's scorching house band had combined to cut some spectacular swinging blues sides, but Bobby didn't crack the R&B charts until 1957 with Farther Up The Road (see Disc Five).  Bland's artistic focus was steadily evolving, thanks to Duke in-house trumpeter/arranger/A&R man Joe Scott, who served as his mentor.

"He was just a gift from God, Joe Scott, because he taught me and everybody that was around the Duke label," says Bobby. "Joe Scott picked some good stories for me to tell, because he saw that I was a good storyteller if I had the lyrics. Not the long, drawn-out lyrics. Just make 'em short and to the point and leave some opening for ad-libbing, whatever your idea would be. 

Bobby's high-flying vocal range deepened when he underwent a tonsillectomy. "I wasn't able to hit a falsetto type like I had been singing in earlier years, after the operation with the tonsils. So it kind of lowered my voice," says Bland, who adopted a favorite vocal move of a famous singing preacher as his new trademark. "I was listening to 'The Eagle Stirreth Her Nest' by the Rev. C.L. Franklin, and I heard the squall in there. So I worked on it for about four or five days and developed it. It gave me a different Bobby Bland." He utilized that squall unforgettably on his spine-chilling 1958 hit Little Boy Blue.

When Bobby crooned Brook Benton's sedate ballad I'll Take Care Of You and blasted up to #2 on the R&B hit parade in early '60, it appeared he was leaving the blues behind. But Bland happily reverted to his roots on I Pity The Fool, a loping mid-tempo blues punctuated by Wayne Bennett's stinging guitar and a six-piece horn section led by Scott (Bobby's rhythm section consisted of pianist Teddy Reynolds, bassist Hamp Simmons and drummer John 'Jabo' Starks). The song was waxed on November 12, 1960 in Chicago, while Bland's contingent was on tour. Originally credited to Robey under his Deadric Malone sobriquet but probably written by Houston singer Joe Medwick Veasey, who also co-penned Farther Up The Road (Robey was in the habit of buying songs outright), I Pity The Fool catapulted to the top of the R&B charts and made a solid #46 pop showing.

"Joe Medwick, he did some hell of a writing when he did all those tunes," says former Duke house guitarist Texas Johnny Brown.

"Joe (Scott) found that, really," says Bobby. "It was a good change. I always had some good writers after I got my first record out there, and writers started pinpointing on what would be good for Bobby Bland: 'I'm going to write this particular tune.' It was a big thing for me."

Bland was by now a leading luminary on the R&B circuit with major pop appeal and would remain so on Duke into 1972. His non-stop litany of smashes included the gospel-fueled Turn On Your Love Light (1961) and Yield Not To Temptation (1962) as well as a lights-out '62 revival of T-Bone Walker's Stormy Monday Blues and the pop-oriented double-sided 1963 smash That's The Way Love Is b/w Call On Me

Bill Dahl
Chicago, Illinois 

Electric Blues 1939–2005 – The Definitive Collection!
Volume 3: 1960–1969

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Bobby 'Blue' Bland: Dreamer (LP, 180gram Vinyl)
Art-Nr.: BAF18029

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Bobby ’Blue’ Bland (1930 – 2013) Bobby ’Blue’ Bland is one of the most magnificent Blues and Soul singers of all time! His 1974 album ’Dreamer’ is a milestone in Blues and Soul music! Recorded in Los Angeles with the cream of the studio musicians!...

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Bobby Blue Bland & B.B. King: Together For The First Time
Art-Nr.: CDBGOCD161

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(1974 'MCA Records') (67:43/12) Live-Klassiker. Nach dem Verkauf von 'Duke' an ABC Records waren King und Bland plötzlich bei der selben Plattenfirma unter Vertrag, wodurch diese Zusammenarbeit möglich wurde.

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Bobby Blue Bland: You Got Me b-w Loan A Helping Hand 7inch, 45rpm
Art-Nr.: REP02090

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Nice R&B stroller with a belting flip side!

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Bobby Blue Bland: That's The Way Love Is
Art-Nr.: CDJAS930

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(2015/Jasmine) 28 tracks, original Duke recordings 1959-62, 6-page booklet with liner notes and a sessionography. Included are his 2 Duke albums from '61 and '62 and some 5 bonus tracks from Duke 45s, incl. his great hits 'Don't Cry No More', 'I Pity The Fool',...

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Bobby 'Blue' Bland: The Voice - Duke Recordings 1959 - 1969 (CD)
Art-Nr.: CDCHD323

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(1959-69 'Duke') (72:50/26) Into the 60s with Bobby Bland and some of the finest material and arrangements in soul music from the best voice in town. Continuing the Bobby Bland story, we have another 26 sides from the finest of all blues singers, this...

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Bobby 'Blue' Bland & B.B. King: Together Again...Live (CD)
Art-Nr.: CDBGO162

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(1992/BGO Records) 6 Tracks (43:48) - Reissue of the original 1976 ABC Records album!

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Bobby 'Blue' Bland: Duke Years 1952-62
Art-Nr.: CDNOT3155

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(2014/Not Now) 146:37/56, 3-CD

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Bobby 'Blue' Bland: The Anthology (2-CD)
Art-Nr.: CDMCAD112596

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(1952-76 'Duke/ABC/MCA') (156:31/50) Jede Menge Singles (die späteren in stereo), dazu ein Live-Stück von 1973 / great bunch of 45s (the later ones in stereo), plus a live track from 1973. * = zuvor unveröffentlicht / previously unreleased.

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Bobby 'Blue' Bland: The '3Bs' Blues Boy - The Blues Years 1952-1959 (CD)
Art-Nr.: CDCHD302

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Great Texas Blues vocalist; some of the greatest recordings of the 1950s; BOBBY 'BLUE' BLAND - voc, featuring ROY GAINES - gt, WAYNE BENNETT - gtr, etc. These early Duke recordings from the maestro of the blues represent the best of the late 50s Bobby Bland.

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Bobby 'Blue' Bland: Best Of Bobby Blue Bland
Art-Nr.: CD5311421

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(2008/Universal) 27 tracks.

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Bobby 'Blue' Bland: The Definitive Collection
Art-Nr.: CD8161022

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This is THE definite collection of his greatest R&B sides.

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Bobby 'Blue' Bland: Greatest Hits Vol.2
Art-Nr.: CDMCAD11809

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(1973-82 'ABC/Dunhill/MCA')(69:33/16)

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Bobby 'Blue' Bland: Greatest Hits Vol.1
Art-Nr.: CDMCAD11783

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(1957-69 'Duke Records') (45:01/16) 1998 von Erick Labson in Hollywood sorgfältige remasterte Aufnahmen. Gute Auswahl seiner wirklich spannendsten Einspielungen für das texanische Duke-Label / Carefully restored and digitally re-mastered. Great compilation of his...

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Bobby 'Blue' Bland & B.B. King: Together Again - Live
Art-Nr.: CDMCAD27012

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(1976 Live in L.A.) (44:23/06)

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Bobby Blue Bland: It's My Life, Baby - The Singles As & Bs 2-CD
Art-Nr.: CDJAS564

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(1951-60) (121:04/46)

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Bobby 'Blue' Bland: Two Steps From The Blues
Art-Nr.: CDSJ816

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​(2012/Soul Jam) 24 tracks

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Bobby Bland: Two Steps From The Blues (180g-Limited Edition)
Art-Nr.: LPWT771924

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(2014/WaxTime) 14 tracks, Includes Free MP3 Album Download

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Bobby 'Blue' Bland: Live & Righteous
Art-Nr.: CDRB3297

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(2015/Rockbeat) 17 tracks. 13 tracks recorded in France 1992, Hotel Meriden and 4 tracks recorded in U.S.A., Indianapolis, IN in 1999.

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Bobby Blue Bland: Two Steps From The Blues
Art-Nr.: LPDUKE74

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​(2013/Duke) 12 tracks, reproduction of the original album!

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Bobby Blue Bland: Here's The Man!!! (LP+CD)
Art-Nr.: LPDOK329

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(2013/Doxy) 11 tracks- 180g Vinyl LP and CD. Here's The Man!!! Was originally released in 1962 on Duke Records - Houston's legendary R&B label run by the infamous Don Robey - and is the second LP from Bobby "Blue" Bland. Featuring one of his most enduring and...

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Bobby 'Blue' Bland: Dreamer
Art-Nr.: CDBGOCD63

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Steve Barri produced this classic release which was discussed controversially at the time it was originally released. Some immediately regarded it one of Bland's best albums, ever. Others couldn't stand the mighty horn and string arrangement. With a time lag of...

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Bobby Blue Bland: Charles Farley: Soul Of The Man - Biography
Art-Nr.: 0002114

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The first biography of a blues creator whose stylings influenced almost every form of twentieth-century popular music

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Bobby 'Blue' Bland: Unmatched: The Very Best
Art-Nr.: CDMAL7538

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(1985-98 'Malaco') (71:14/16)

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