Rocks CD-Album-Series by Bear Family Records

'Rocks' CD-Album-Series with Rock and Roll Music on CDs by Bear Family

Bear Family Records started its highly acclaimed "Rocks" CD-Album-Serie with Rock and Roll Music, featuring artists you'd expect (Bill Haley, Jerry Lee Lewis, Eddie Cochran, Gene Vincent etc.) alongside artists you might not have expected (Pat Boone, Bobby Darin, Roy Orbison, Charlie Rich and others).

Some of the artists might not be regarded as rockers, but one thing is for certain: on these CDs they do ROCK! Put the whole series in a Wurlitzer (for CDs, naturally) and press the shuffle mode – you will have the rockinest jukebox on the planet! The Rock and Roll CD-Album-Series Rocks.

Brian Greene from Shinding! Magazine

"My favorite BEAR FAMILY releases are often in the Rocks! series, and if my house caught fire one of the first items I would grab is Wanda Jackson's Wanda Rocks! And if the fire was spreading slowly enough and time permitted, I would also reach for my vinyl copy of Robert Mitchum's Calypso . . . Is Like So." 

Champion Jack Dupree: Champion Jack Dupree - Rocks (CD)
Art-Nr.: BCD17536

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1-CD DigiPac (6-plated) with 36-page booklet, 29 tracks, playing time 78:14 minutes. • Multi-label compilation features Dupree classics originally on the Red Robin, Groove,Apollo, Vik, and Atlantic labels—all of them blistering rockers  • Jack’s all-star...

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