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Press - Arthur „Big Boy" Crudup - Rocks - Living Blues
Arthur “Big Boy” Crudup brought his blues up from the Mississippi Delta to Chicago, where he made his earliest recordings with RCA. His thrumming and banging guitar style, and his propulsive rhythms, have often earned him the title of “Father of Rock and Roll.”


Press - Arthur „Big Boy" Crudup - Rocks - Hyperbolium
Arthur Crudup is most widely remembered as the writer of Elvis Presley’s first single, “That’s All Right,” and the later B-side “My Baby Left Me.” But by the time Presley waxed these sides in the mid-50s, Crudup had already quit the recording business in disgust. Crudup was denied a share of the royalties his songwriting and recordings had generated, and after years of subsisting on low wages for sessions and performances, he’d had enough of enriching others. He eventually returned to recording and performing, continuing on into the 1970s, but even with legal help, he was never able to claim the royalties for the songs that had launched others onto the charts.


Press - Arthur „Big Boy" Crudup - Rocks - Mojo
Arthur 'Big Boy' Crudup **** Rocks
BEAR FAMILY. CD/DL He didn't start playing until he was around 30, but Crudup's influence was immense, writing That's All Right and My Baby Left Me, both picked up by Elvis. Rocks is a perfect, blues-rockin' introduction. GB


Press - Arthur „Big Boy" Crudup, A Music Man Like Nobody Ever Saw - ugly things - #43
ARTHUR 'BIG BOY' CRUDUP - A Music Man Like No One Ever Saw (Bear Family) CD box set Crudup is best remembered for waxing the original versions of "That's All Right Mama," "My Baby Left Me" and "So Glad Your Mine" that Elvis Presley redrafted early in his career. Indeed, this collection's subtitle is from a statement the Rock .11' Roll King saying that if he could achieve Crudup's feel then he would become "a mu-sic man like nobody ever saw" While it is certainly difficult to pinpoint which stylistic ele-ments the Memphis Flash ap-propriated, this 5-disc, 124-song collection provides insights on why the bluesman was held in such high esteem


Press - mojo november 2016
Arthur 'Big Boy' Crudup **** A Music Man Like Nobody Ever Saw
A rocking big box of the Big Boy, 1942-62 Arthur 'Big Boy' Crudup is probably best known for his jumping 1940s originals of two songs covered by Elvis, That's All Right and My Baby Left Me, but this excellent 5-CD box set comprehensively demon-strates that there was much more to him than that. A pro-lific songwriter whose material went on to be sung by numer-ous top-rank artists across various genres, a gutsy and distinctive vocalist and a pow-erful self-taught guitarist who was one of the first bluesmen to wield an electric, Crudup started his career at relatively sedate tempos, but really