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Press Archiv - Glen Glenn Pick 'Em Up And Lay 'Em Down - Oldie Markt
Glen Glenn Pick' em Up And Lay 'em Down (10") Bear Family BAF 14001 Der als Glen Troutman 1934 in Misouri geborene Mann war einer der gro-ßen Geheimtips des Rock-abilly und diese 10"-Vi-nylplatte, die 12 bislang unveröffentlichte Tracks des Mannes zusammen mit seinem Gitarristen Gary Lambert bringt, de-monstriert die Klasse des Mannes, der sowohl als Songschreiber wie als Sänger beweist, dass er ei-ner der herausragenden Stilisten der frühen Rock'n'Roll-Ära gewesen ist. So vital wie die Musik auf dieser 10" ist, lebt der Stil ewig weiter.


Press Archive - Joey Castle Rock & Roll Daddy-O (CD) - Jamboree IT
"That ain't nothing but right", the third piece of the CD, is none other than Joey's first record released on RCA (20/47-7283) in 1958 and earned him the fame of New King of R'n'R. Followed by "Please love me (slow rock sweet) and "Shake hands with a fool", two new songs that were to be released on Vik and that you can not understand why they were not published. After the two B-sides: "Come a little closer baby" (B-side of the first record on RCA) and "Wild love" comes like a bomb the main dish of this CD: the famous "Rock and Roll Daddy-O", wild song in pure rockabilly style embellished by the solos of guitarist James G. LIddle.


Press Archive- Eddie Cochran - The Year 1957 - Musenblätter
An extensive booklet (51 pages) with texts by Bill Dahl, many extremely rare photos, discography and detailed recording data completes the documentation about Eddie Cochran's successful year 1957.