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Press - Various - At The Louisiana Hayride Tonight (20-CD) - No Depression
Bear Family Records has released many outstanding sets over the years, but this time it has surpassed even its own high standards. The At The Louisiana Hayride set is a 20-CD set comprised of 559 tracks from 167 different artists from 1948 to 1960 and a lavish 224-page hardback book (LP sized) full of photos and memorabilia. Most of the tracks have not been heard since they were first broadcast, and many of the photos have never been seen outside the radio station's walls, let alone published.


Press - Various - At The Louisiana Hayride Tonight (20-CD) - Jeff Burger
As I mentioned in a recent review of Woody Guthrie: The Tribute Concerts, Germany’s Bear Family label is renowned for its over-the-top archival box sets. You may practically have to rob a bank to afford some of them, but they’re almost invariably worth every penny, thanks to excellent remastering, extensive and meticulously researched liner notes, imaginative packaging, and—last but not least—fine and mind-bogglingly comprehensive programs.


Press - Woody Guthrie - The Tribute Concerts - Restless and Real
In the end, there was and is nobody else quite like Woody Guthrie. When I listen to his music, I get the same feeling as when I read or see Shakespeare performed - that it is hard to believe that someone actually wrote those songs. They've become so deeply interwoven in our consciousness, our words, beliefs, desired actions as they play out in the world we see around us that it doesn't seem possible that they originated from a single person.