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Live At The Star Club Hamburg
Bear Family
The first of the rock’n’roll wild
men, Jerry Lee scared the life out of every parent during the late fifties with his ferocious on-stage antics, almost killing the piano he played during each performance.This was a man who lived for the moment and proudly displayed his sexuality to the world while thrilling the youngsters who gazed, mouths agape, at this fiery ball of energy, to steal an image from his great hit, ‘Great Balls Of Fire’.

His life was packed with incident and scandal. He was thrown out
of bible college, thrown into jail, lionised for marrying his thirteen year old cousin, admitted to hospital for alcohol and drug abuse and... well, the films and books reveal all.

Originally released in 1964, this vinyl LP is a welcome reissue of a classic live album. Backed by the Nashville Teens, Lewis rips through his own hits and gives superb renditions of others too. From his own ‘Great Balls Of Fire’ and ‘Whole Lotta Shakin’ Goin’ On’ to covers
of ‘Hound Dog’, ‘Long, Tall Sally’
and ‘Your Cheating Heart’, this is a tour de force performance. In fact,


Press - Recorcl Collector
You smell that blood on the ivory? The furry folk of the Bear Family have just remastered the poll-topping masterpiece from 1964 - Live At The Star Club, Hamburg - on vinyl and clothed it in a stunning gatefold sleeve designed by Ulf Harten.


Live At The Star Club Hamburg
Bear Family LP Sometimes touted as one of the greatest live rock 'n' roll albums euer, there's no denying that The Killer is truly an the rampage during this show at The Star Club in 1964. Backed by The Nashville Teens, Lewis marauds through a set that includes several of his own classics such as 'Great Balls Of Fire' and 'Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On', as well as covers of Little Richard, Elvis and Ray Charles songs among others. Although he would neuer fully recover the same lofty status he once enjoyed in the popularity stakes following the furore he caused by marrying his teenaged cousin a few years earlier, it's evident that Lewis is clearly a man back at the top of his game performance wise in this show. This vinyl-only reissue will also appeal to collectors, coming as it does replete with a pop-up, gatefold cover depicting a map of Hamburg's legendary Reeperbahn district, as well as the hell-blazing bonus kack 'Down The Line'.