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The Beach Boys The Capitol Years (7-LP)

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  • 2.5
(1980/Capitol Japan) 117 tracks - Originally factory sealed copy, including the original Obi as well more

The Beach Boys: The Capitol Years (7-LP)

(1980/Capitol Japan) 117 tracks - Originally factory sealed copy, including the original Obi as well

Article properties: The Beach Boys: The Capitol Years (7-LP)

  • Interpret: The Beach Boys

  • Album titlle: The Capitol Years (7-LP)

  • Genre Rock

  • Label EMI JAPAN

  • Edition 2 Japan Edition
  • Artikelart LP

  • EAN: 4000127817723

  • weight in Kg 2.5
Beach Boys, The - The Capitol Years (7-LP) LP 1
01 Surfin' The Beach Boys
02 Surfin' Safari The Beach Boys
03 Ten Little Indians The Beach Boys
04 Surfin' U.S.A. The Beach Boys
05 Catch A Wave The Beach Boys
06 Hawaii The Beach Boys
07 Surfers Rule The Beach Boys
08 Surfer Girl The Beach Boys
09 Don't Back Down The Beach Boys
10 Little Deuce Coupe The Beach Boys
11 409 The Beach Boys
12 In The Parkin' Lot The Beach Boys
13 Car Crazy Cutie The Beach Boys
14 Spirit Of America The Beach Boys
15 Shut Down The Beach Boys
16 Custom Machine The Beach Boys
17 Drive In The Beach Boys
18 Cherry, Cherry Coupe The Beach Boys
19 Little Honda The Beach Boys
Beach Boys, The - The Capitol Years (7-LP) LP 2
01 Then I Kissed Her The Beach Boys
02 Kiss Me Baby The Beach Boys
03 Let Him Run Wild The Beach Boys
04 Amusement Parks USA The Beach Boys
05 I'm So Young The Beach Boys
06 Girl Don't Tell Me The Beach Boys
07 Salt Lake City The Beach Boys
08 The Girl From New York City The Beach Boys
09 Sloop John B The Beach Boys
10 Here Today The Beach Boys
11 Caroline No The Beach Boys
12 I'm Waiting For The Day The Beach Boys
13 You Still Believe In Me The Beach Boys
14 I Know There's An Answer The Beach Boys
15 Wouldn't It Be Nice The Beach Boys
16 God Only Knows The Beach Boys
17 I Wasn't Made For These Times The Beach Boys
Beach Boys, The - The Capitol Years (7-LP) LP 3
01 Be True To Your School The Beach Boys
02 Fun, Fun, Fun The Beach Boys
03 Why Do Fools Fall In Love The Beach Boys
04 All Summer Long The Beach Boys
05 I Get Around The Beach Boys
06 Wendy The Beach Boys
07 When I Grow Up (To Be A Man) The Beach Boys
08 Little Saint Nick The Beach Boys
09 Christmas Day The Beach Boys
10 Auld Lang Syne The Beach Boys
11 Don't Worry Baby The Beach Boys
12 Your Summer Dream The Beach Boys
13 In My Room The Beach Boys
14 The Warmth Of The Sun The Beach Boys
15 Keep An Eye On Summer The Beach Boys
16 Girls On The Beach The Beach Boys
17 Please Let Me Wonder The Beach Boys
18 Hushabye The Beach Boys
19 The Lord's Prayer The Beach Boys
Beach Boys, The - The Capitol Years (7-LP) LP 4
01 Good Vibrations The Beach Boys
02 Wind Chimes The Beach Boys
03 Cabinessence The Beach Boys
04 Vegetables The Beach Boys
05 Wonderful The Beach Boys
06 Our Prayer The Beach Boys
07 Heroes And Villains The Beach Boys
08 Darlin' The Beach Boys
09 Gettin' Hungry The Beach Boys
10 Here Comes The Night The Beach Boys
11 With Me Tonight The Beach Boys
12 Wake The World The Beach Boys
13 Country Air The Beach Boys
14 You're Welcome The Beach Boys
15 I'd Love Just Once To See You The Beach Boys
16 Wild Honey The Beach Boys
Beach Boys, The - The Capitol Years (7-LP) LP 5
01 Dance, Dance, Dance The Beach Boys
02 The Little Girl I Once Knew The Beach Boys
03 Good To My Baby The Beach Boys
04 Help Me Rhonda The Beach Boys
05 Do You Wanna Dance The Beach Boys
06 You're So Good To Me The Beach Boys
07 Don't Hurt My Little Sister The Beach Boys
08 She Knows Me Too Well The Beach Boys
09 California Girls The Beach Boys
10 The Little Old Lady From Pasadena The Beach Boys
11 Graduation Day The Beach Boys
12 The Monster Mash The Beach Boys
13 Johnny B. Good The Beach Boys
14 Barbara-Ann The Beach Boys
15 There's No Other (Like My Baby) The Beach Boys
16 Devoted To My Baby The Beach Boys
17 Mountain Of Love The Beach Boys
18 Aren't You Glad The Beach Boys
19 Their Hearts Were Full Of Spring The Beach Boys
Beach Boys, The - The Capitol Years (7-LP) LP 6
01 Do It Again The Beach Boys
02 Little Bird The Beach Boys
03 Let The Wind Blow The Beach Boys
04 Busy Doin' Nothin' The Beach Boys
05 Passing By The Beach Boys
06 Time To Get Alone The Beach Boys
07 Be Here In The Mornin' The Beach Boys
08 Friends The Beach Boys
09 I Can Hear Music The Beach Boys
10 Never Learn Not To Love The Beach Boys
11 Cottonfields The Beach Boys
12 I Went To Sleep The Beach Boys
13 Bluebirds Over The Mountain The Beach Boys
14 Celebrate The News The Beach Boys
15 Be With Me The Beach Boys
16 Break Away The Beach Boys
Beach Boys, The - The Capitol Years (7-LP) LP 7
01 Shoot The Curl The Honeys
02 Surfin' Down The Swanne River The Honeys
03 Pray For Surf The Honeys
04 Hide Go Seek The Honeys
05 Runaround Lover Sharon Marie
06 Summertime Sharon Marie
07 The One You Can't Have The Honeys
08 From Jimmy With Love The Honeys
09 Pamela Jean The Survivors
10 After The Game The Survivors
11 Sacramento Gary Usher
12 That's Just The Way I Feel Gary Usher
13 Thinkin' 'Bout You Baby Sharon Marie
14 Story Of My Life Sharon Marie
15 Guess I'm Dumb Glen Campbell
16 Tonight You Belong To Me The Honeys
17 Goodnight My Love The Honeys
Beach Boys Brian Wilson (vocals, piano born June 20, 1942), Dennis Wilson (drums born 4. 12.... more
"The Beach Boys"

Beach Boys

Brian Wilson (vocals, piano born June 20, 1942),
Dennis Wilson (drums born 4. 12. 1944, died 28. 12. 1983),
Carl Wilson (vocals, guitar born 21. 12. 1946, died 6. 2. 1998),
Al Jardine (vocals, guitar born 3. 9. 1942) and
Mike Love (born 15. 3. 1941)


The Beach Boys, formed in 1961, still extant in 1975 with no prospect of dissolution, were America's only real challenge to the Beatles and certainly the most prominent white American group of the pre-psychedelic era.

The group's formation took place in a middle-class Los Angeles suburb of Hawthorne, and was centred around the teenage Wilson Brothers — Brian (born June 20, 1942); Dennis (Dec. 4, 1944); and Carl (Dec. 21, 1946) — their cousin Mike Love (March 15, 1941); and friend Alan Jardine (Sept. 3, 1942). Harmony singing had always been an important part of their family life, and when the Wilson parents took a holiday in Mexico in September 1961 it was a perfect opportunity for the kids to rent instruments and start a group in their living room. It was Dennis's addiction to the Californian sport of surf-ing that gave the group their initial identity, one which survives indelibly in the minds of today's audiences. He sug-gested that the group sing about the pastime, and a song (written by Brian and Mike) called `Surfin" was the im-mediate result.

Their father, Murray Wilson, himself a song-writer, took the boys along to his music publisher and the song was recorded in somewhat improvised conditions with Carl on guitar, Alan on acoustic bass, and Brian providing percussive support on a garbage can. The publisher procured a release for the record on the local X label and then the slightly larger Candix label, and against all the odds it stuck around the lower limits of the American Hot Hundred for six weeks — based mainly on sales to Californian surfer boys and girls, no doubt. They also began to appear in public, initially as the Pendletones (after a make of heavy plaid shirt which surfers wore and which became their early uni-form), briefly as Carl and the Passions, and ultimately as the Beach Boys, the last name being a suggestion from Can-dix's promotion man. Their concert debut under this name was in the Ritchie Valens Memorial Concert in Long Beach Municipal Auditorium on Dec. 31, 1961. Jardine left around this time to pursue his dentistry studies and was replaced by neighbour David Marks who played rhythm guitar, enabling Brian to switch to bass guitar.

Dennis played drums, while Mike Love- shared the lead vocals with Brian. When Candix, a small label, folded early in 1962, Murray Wilson took the boys along to Capitol Records and played producer Nik Venet acetates of `Surfin' Safari' and '409' — the latter a hymn in praise of the singer's car. Venet grasped the possibilities, signed the group, and `Surfin' Safari' became a national Top Twenty hit. 'Ten Little Indians', the follow-up, was a comparative flop, but the next one was big indeed : `Surfin' USA' reached No. 3 in the early summer of 1963. In addition, it laid bare the influences be-hind the growing talent of Brian Wilson, who was coming to the forefront as the group's real creative force. For `Surfin' USA' Brian had borrowed the tune and treatment from Chuck Berry's 'Sweet Little Sixteen', adding new words and a lead vocal surrounded by the beginnings of a cool, liquid harmony style strongly reminiscent of the Four Freshmen (and, by implication, the American glee-club tradition).

The next single, 'Surfer Girl', a wistful, yearning ballad emphasized the harmonies even more heavily as the voices began to twist and turn in creamy, close-packed, harmoni-cally sophisticated chorales, topped off with a gimmick adapted from East Coast vocal group records — Brian's cool, cruising falsetto, which became a major trademark. `Surfin' USA' and 'Surfer Girl' marked the complementary modes which Brian and the group explored for the next three years. The up-tempo style led to 'Fun Fun Fun', 'I Get Around' (a No. 1), 'When I Grow Up (To Be A Man)', `Dance Dance Dance', and 'Help Me Rhonda' (another No. 1) — all Top Ten hits in 1964 and 1965 — while the possibili-ties of the ballad form were explored with ever more trance-like effect in such classics as 'In My Room', 'The Lonely Sea', 'Girls On The Beach', 'Don't Worry Baby', 'The Warmth Of The Sun', 'She Knows Me Too Well', 'Kiss Me Baby', and 'Please Let Me Wonder' from the same period.

By this time, too, Jardine had returned to the fold, displacing Marks. On a wider front, the group's own influence had become widespread. Their early surfing records sparked off a com-plete genre, opening the way for performers like Jan and Dean (`Surf City'), Bruce (Johnston) and Terry (Melcher) with 'Summer Means Fun', Ronnie and the Daytonas (Teach Boy'), Jack Nitszche (`The Lonely Surfer'), Dick Dale and the Del-Tones (`Surf Beat'), and hundreds of aspiring Californian garage bands. When surfing's vogue dropped off, the Beach Boys put out an album of car songs called Little Deuce Coupe, featuring '409' alongside other beauties like 'Our Car Club', 'Cherry Cherry Coupe', `No-Go Showboat' and 'Custom Machine'. Sure enough, others responded : Jan and Dean with 'Dead Man's Curve' and `Drag City', Bruce and Terry with 'Custom Machine' and `Hot Rod USA', Ronnie and the Daytonas with 'GTO', the Rip-Chords with 'Hey Little Cobra' and 'Three Window Coupe'.

Through all this, Brian Wilson was as a journalist : absorbing and reflecting the emerging lifestyle of teenage California, a lifestyle which — luckily for him — kids from New York to London to Paris also decided they wanted to emulate. He wrote many of the early lyrics himself. In cold print they lack grace and wit, but sung by the group they are perfect expressions of teen angst in all its forms.


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