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Brian Setzer Orchestra: The Ultimate Collection - Recorded Live (2-CD)
Art-Nr.: CDSD44035

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(Surfdog) 31 tracks (128:11) with 28 page booklet. Superb overview of rockin' and swingin' material with Brian Setzer and his orchestra in perfect shape, recorded in Canada and Japan!

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Brian Setzer Orchestra: Boogie Woogie Christmas (CD)
Art-Nr.: CDSD44011

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(Surfdog) 14 tracks. Brian Setzer combines his big band leanings with his Stray Cat upbringing to create the year's best all-around holiday album. With it's blasts of brass, fat jazz guitar work, and smooth retro lung crooning, this disc will get any party on it's feel.

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Brian Setzer Orchestra: Guitar Slinger (CD)
Art-Nr.: CDNW0047

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(1998/Interscope) 12 tracks

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Brian Setzer Orchestra: The Dirty Boogie (CD, UK Version)
Art-Nr.: CDNW0048

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(2012/Northworld) 13 tracks - UK CD reissue of the 1998 Interscope original - special price!

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Brian Setzer Orchestra: Christmas Rocks - Best Of Collection
Art-Nr.: CDSD49998

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(Surfdog) 20 tracks (68:32) every-year classic incl. all lyrics!

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Brian Setzer Orchestra: Songs From Lonely Avenue (CD)
Art-Nr.: CDSD521223

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(2009/SURFDOG) 13 tracks - digipack / 16 page booklet incl. lyrics.

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Brian Setzer Orchestra: Vavoom! (CD)
Art-Nr.: CDINT90733

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(2000/Interscope) U.S. Version, 14 tracks, 8-page booklet with song lyrics and printed paintings. CD includes the hits 'Gettin' In The Mood', 'Pennsylvania 6-5000' (both Glenn Miller covers), 'Americano' (originally by Renato Carosone, Sophia Loren), and Setzer's...

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Brian Setzer Orchestra: Rockin' Rudolph
Art-Nr.: CDSD51021

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(Surfdog) 12 tracks (34:00) digipac - Swingin' Christmas Highlight produced by Peter Collins.

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Brian Setzer Orchestra: Wolfgang's Big Night Out (CD, US-Version)
Art-Nr.: CD0719009

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(2007/SURFDOG) 12 tracks (44:20) digipac with slipcase. Swingin' & rockin' variations on classic classics.

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Brian Setzer Orchestra: The Ultimate Christmas Collection (CD & DVD)
Art-Nr.: CD49998

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(2008/SURFDOG) great compilation of 20 red hot tracks plus the entire 'Christmas Extravaganza' DVD featuring 25 songs from the 100-minute live concert plus bonus footage (NTSC/Color/Dolby Digital) 12 page booklet including all album lyrics for a cool yule sing-along!...

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Brian Setzer Orchestra: The Dirty Boogie (CD, EU Version)
Art-Nr.: CDINT90183

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(1998/INTERSCOPE) 13 tracks - special price

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Brian Setzer Orchestra: It's Gonna Rock ... Cause Thats What I Do
Art-Nr.: DVD525730

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(2010/SURFDOG) NTSC, Code 1, Color, Stereo, 5.1, 99 Min., complete Montreal concert plus footage from press conference. 'great concert including a pure Rockabilly section' Headlining the opening night of the Montreal Jazz Festival, Brian and his 18-piece rockin' big...

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Brian Setzer Orchestra: Don't Mess With A Big Band - Live! (2-CD)
Art-Nr.: CDSD524644

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(2010/SURFDOG) 19 tracks - digipac with 12 page booklet. Recorded live during The Brian Setzer Orchestra's 2009 tour of Japan.

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